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Free Custom «Michelangelo - Temptation and Expulsion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Michelangelo - Temptation and Expulsion» Essay Paper

Context: it is important to make an emphasis that the Michelangelo has developed the complex scheme of Sistine Chapelceiling by himself and there was a permission from Pope Julius II “to do as he liked”. Also, Michelangelo had a deep Biblical knowledge and the Old Testament has been read by Michelangelo for several times while accomplishing the ceiling painting. The inspiration of the great painter has come from the words of the scripture, but not from the sacral art traditions as it has been before. It is possible to consider the political background of that time (1508-1512) as aggressive implementing of the church leadership to the political control over Italy.

Color. “Temptation and Expulsion” is performed in warm colors in order to represent the initially friendly environment of the Garden of Even for Adam and Eva. The God is painted in red color, which significantly contrasts with all other figures- in order to show the power of the Lord in the Highest.

Symbolism. It is important to make an emphasis that Michelangelo was tending to symbolize the subordination of male and female, while placing Eva in seated, passive position. More than that author has contrasted the aggressive tending of Adam to reach the forbidden apple while the calm inactive Eva as the attempt to contrast male and female natures. Another aspect, represented by Michelangelo is the subordination of female to the male again by the sitting position of Eva. It is possible to assume that the author has shown the sexually charged nature of Eva and the fleshly and unruly nature of all other women. Finally, it is possible to make a conclusion that wifely subordination has been elaborated by Michelangelo while applying the tool of correct placing of figures on the picture.

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Archetypes. It is possible to consider Eva as the archetype of female behavior and nature. More than that, the relations between male and female, the classical approach towards subordination in the family are represented in this work of art. The passive position of Eva and active tending of Adam to get the forbidden fruit, shows the despotic nature of males and also the dominative position of men in the family decision making process. Finally, the relations between Adam and Eva, represented in this work of art are the pattern of the male and female interrelations and the archetype of sexuality.

Lines. The majority of the lines on the picture are smoothed curves. Author has avoided using of the straight lines because the plot of the picture represents the relations between human beings and the life position of male and female. Also, the curve line, applied for showing the tale of serpent implies the complicity of the sin and its attractiveness to human beings.

Composition. The flow of the composition rhythm is depicted from left to right. Adam is represented greater than Eva by grasping the apple greedier. The fall caused by taking of the forbidden fruit, makes the God inaccessible and remote for Adam. Even while taking in consideration the fact that the Eden is located in the rocks and in the barren tree stumps, the term Eden represents the bliss and the life, full of delight. The bodies of Adam and Eva are too smooth and plump and the leaves over their heads seem to be too luxuriant. Probably, Michelangelo was tending to say: 'This is not yet the truth; that will have to be won in the desert of our destiny.'

Finally it is obvious that the picture is divided by God and Evil and the dual power allocation is represented by the author. To conclude, it is possible to say that the picture is full of mystery and of parallels between the artistic and structural mystery.


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