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Free Custom «Neo-Classical Art» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Neo-Classical Art» Essay Paper

Neoclassical art is the second half of the eighth century of Europe when enlightenment spirit was experienced. This period is also referred to as the age of reason. There are daring and brave individuals who defy the rule of religion and the authority. Voltaire was such a leader in France who was bright and dared to ridicule the superstition and the vice.  Voltaire continued to praise democracy, tolerance, industriousness and sincere human feelings (Lewis, 1992).

Men and women who were educated believed and enlightened believed that human intellect was capable of solving all problems. The problems of social and moral were also capable of being solved by the enlightenment (Historywiz, 2011). The most powerful members of the society in America led to political revolution, France and in other parts of the world. The political revolution was performed under the umbrella of liberty and equality.

The moral revolution took place in the art domain (Historywiz, 2011). Art in the recent years was accompanied by a moral message. The same art work was greatly used in the Greeks and the Romans. The copied artwork from Greek and Romans was known as Neoclassicism. The famous enlightened man in France was known as Jacques Louis David. Jacques wrote the book Death of Socrates which showed that a well-known famous Greek philosopher surrounded by his followers in prison (Buser, 2011).

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Socrates who as an enlightened man was condemned to death because of his believes. Socrates was a moral lesson for the people Buser (2011) who stand for the truth. Another enlightened individual by the name David encouraged those who saw to stand the truth no matter the convictions. David stood by many of the philosophers who were enlightened. The enlightenment men had the intellect reasoning independent of the ways of the church. Socrates an enlightenment man set examples of martyrdom for committing the truth.

David an enlightened painter; did his paintings in a classical style. He went further and produced figures that were alike the well-known classical statues. He went further and put them in a way that resembled a classical relief (Historywiz, 2011).

The philosophical movement called the enlightenment brought the reason to political discussion. The philosophers believe that rational thought could solve major challenges. The art was one area where enlightenment prevailed. The role of enlightenment, the motto of the enlightenment policy was dared to think (Buser, 2011). This is what was experienced in neoclassic art.

Enlightenment was the fight between the superstition and the reason. Superstition is an irrational belief arising from fear or ignorance. The ancient Greek had the identity as the first to find the nature of humans (Historywiz, 2011).

Jacobin who was also an enlightened individual was spared the revolution of martyr. Jacobin became the official French painter as he got employed by Napoleon. There was a conflict between religion Buser (2011) and the reason. The reason came to challenge the religion. This brought about constant. The bible was talking of faith and enlightened individuals insistent on facts. There was always a constant contrast between the two. Enlightenment people relied on evidence and proof.

Enlightenment did not feature in music (Historywiz, 2011). The arts were an area where freedom of expression was expression. The artisans who were educated could crafty designs art with meanings of sarcasm. Such subjects were debatable (Buser, 2011). This meant that the writer could bail himself easily from the laws dragnet. There were realism and criticism on the way. The English painter William Hogarth was experienced in the London scenes.

Gender was hindrance to many developments; enlightenment women started joining the art work; and they increased drastically (Buser, 2011). The traditions limited the women; but some were determined to face the changes. Taking an example of France, women were restricted from working with nude models (Lewis, 1992). The painters excised perfection in their activities. Portraits had several meaning on tow (Buser, 2011). It depends with the translator. This was very necessary in enlightenment as hidden messages were portrayed in the portraits.

Neoclassicism expressed their messages in architecture and sculpture. The ancients believed in writing and framing on the walls of their buildings. The temples had engraved architects ion the walls. A clear example is the Madeleine of Paris. It is a still standing roman temple. There is another example in Berlin, Brandenburg gate. The gate was modeled for the entrance of the Acropolis in Athens (Historywiz, 2011). Great Britain boasts the Portico with Corinthian columns (Lewis, 1992). America has the Mount Vernon sculpture (Buser, 2011). These were the major sculptures and painting of the world. There are many other that are not documented.

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The music designed by enlightenment individual featured many years after the sculpture and painting industry had thrived. The pioneers started with the organ and strings. Opera was invented at this period. The opera music was highly emotional at that time. Music evolved to the Religious world (Buser, 2011). Johann made the first religious music. Music underwent vigorous tests of time and it was perfected more and more. The music contained the views of the enlightened people.

Enlightened individuals ventured in the literature. The literature was backed by reason and scientific proof. This seemed to challenge religion a great deal. The examples of literature at the time were poetry, drama, prose, and the expositions. The philosophic principles were expressed (Buser, 2011).

Alender Popean Englishman had a typical poem on the voice of reason. The enlightened philosopher expresses the optima and respects for reason. Most of the enlightened people used satire to communicate (Historywiz, 2011). The work mostly reflected irony.

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Literature developed into novels Buser (2011) and enlightenment got more sophisticated with time. The novel became the newest invention. The messages could be relay with ease to the readers (Lewis, 1992). Novels boosted clarity and simplicity. Different kinds of novels started to be produced. The moral standards were much emphasized. Women found themselves glued to the romantic novels. Women had talents in romance; this means that they had potential in writing romantic novels. The enlightened women Buser (2011) who dared to write were the Madame de Graffigny and Madame de Tenin. The two authors got overwhelmed by the results of their books.

Today; the enlightened men have ventured into the digital world. We have the internet, eBooks, radio, televisions, mobile phones Buser (2011) satellites among many other important gadgets. The messages are easily relayed to recipients and in time. This translates that the arête of growth is fast and reliable.

Voltaire was another enlightened person. He challenged the government openly, at one time he found himself imprisoned. This was the seriousness of the matter at the time. Voltaire fought for the freedom of the press (Historywiz, 2011). He had columns of written material on the same (Lewis, 1992).

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Another French scientist by the name Denis Diderot Buser (2011) an enlightened went further to denounce superstition and proclaimed science as unique and satisfying. He mainly focused on humans being in freedom.

Enlightenment faces various challenges. A scientist by the name Jean-Jacque distrusted reason and science. He believed in human impulse and intuition. Additionally, he believed in trusting emotions rather than thought and trusting the heart rather than mind. The French enlightenment exited many scholars (Lewis, 1992). Many people went to France to further their studies. People from all over the world had a chance of extending their education in the country France.

The enlightenment brought a new future and a vision to the people. This marked the end of absolute monarchy. Natural laws were permitted by individual freedom (Lewis, 1992). The philosophers went further Buser (2011) to argue that intuition and faith were the major components in reasoning.

The portraits developed by the enlightened individuals had various features. Type of image, impression created by image, image representation, and attires involved the postures, alikeness and differences in the images; and mainly standing theme. Many portraits had many features in tow. This created different impressions and moral teachings in respect to the society (Buser, 2011).

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The spirit enlightenment is still hovering in the world. People have developed more and more knowledge as science advances (Lewis, 1992). The people of today are driven by reason and facts. There must be a proof in ours statements and actions. This has led to the invention of numerous machines which makes the love easy. The major discoveries are the, computers, aero planes, ships, improved education among many other inventories.


The enlightened constant threats from the church and the laws enforcers. The environment was hostile to the extent that some of the early enlightened philosophers were butchered for standing with the truth. Most of the enlisted believed on human development through education. The enlightened went further to state that the society could get free on the use of reason (Buser, 2011).


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