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Custom Art essay samples

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20th Century Art essay

The reclining painting shows a woman who is offering herself for sexual pleasures and yet she seems modest in her own standards. She may not be a straight woman but she has some pride in her. It can be seen in her facial expressions that she is not ...

Aboriginal Art in Australia essay

In both articles of Possum Skins Cloaks by Helen Gibbins, and the contemporary developments by Howard Morphy, both writers express the Australian Aboriginal cultures and their work of art. The Australian Aborigines have been marketing art for many ...

American Art Object essay

The American object I chose is of young women skipping a rope, and it is known as the Jovencitas brincando la cuerda. It was made by an artist called Rufino Tamayo, who was a Mexican, and it dated year 1942 to 1944. The artist lived in the period of ...

American Independent Films essay

American independent films are mostly filled with posers and no real work. Most of these films are full of “vimeo”, slider driven, montage sequences, and shallow DOF. Moreover, the films are directed by careless, lazy, pre-production ...

Andy Warhol's Influence in Art essay

Andy Warhol can be considered as the twentieth century’s most celebrated exponent of Pop art .In fact he is regarded as a post-modern Renaissance man. He had great skills in commercial illustration,writing , photography, sculpture making, ...

Art Comparison essay

CSS Alabama was a Navy warship designed and built by John Laird Sons Company in 1862. She was also known as the ‘Sloop of warship’ which initially got launched on 29th of July in 1862. The main purpose for building this ship was to serve ...

Art Since 1940 essay

Considering Robert Ryman, his work as a reductive painter is associated with minimalism and abstraction which are artistic practices and ideas current in the late 1960s. Being an associate of minimalism, Robert Ryman engages in reductive painting ...

Broadway Musicals essay

Broadway Musicals Introduction Music is all about creativity done by putting words together to come up with the lyrics. The idea of coming up with a song may be from various sources. Broadway music was stated many years ago and has continued to be ...

Chiaroscuro Concept essay

This response article is based on a warm sunny day in the fourth month of the year. It was a time when attendees were being welcomed to the second session of “Leonardo da Vinci’s Legacy” conference. The main focus of discussion in ...

Chinese Art essay

This essay is about a Chinese art article by Cathryn Meurer. China has completed an outstanding revolution to a varied market economy in the precedent two decades, and no place is this transform more radically articulated than in visual arts that ...

Cinematography Paper essay

Cinematography is defined as the choices made about lighting and filming by camera when taking images or pictures that are to be used in the production of a cinema. Cinematography is particularly applicable to motion pictures. Cinematography became ...

Classical Arts essay

The early renaissance period in actually bridges the art work between the middle ages and the high renaissance period. The period is estimated to have occurred around 1400s. It marked the beginning of cultural advancements through classical arts and ...

Corbusier?s Five Points essay

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris alias Le Corbusier is hailed as one of the pioneers of modern architecture who was always trying to come up with new architectural designs for this century. He was at the fore front in coming up with new and ...

Dadaism essay

In 1918, a major breakthrough in the realm of Dadaism was the publication of second Dada manifesto the writer of which was Tristan Tzara in1917.More manifestoes were designed, drafted and later published (Dada, pg3). Richard Huelsenbeck delivered a ...

Dawn Marie Jingagian essay

Dawn Marie Jingagian is an ancient artist who is well known for his “Shy Glance” artwork. The aim of this paper is to provide biographical information of Dawn Marie Jingagian, discuss the period he is associated with and finally discuss ...

Evaluation Design essay

This program evaluation will focus on teenage pregnancy and Teen Living Programs (TLPs). A TLP is a residential program that offers teen mothers, ages 13-19, support with pregnancy and parenting issues. The rationale for this program evaluation ...

Fallacies in Modern Works of Art essay

A fallacy is a defective argument which aims at discrediting another argument or making it appear weak. Thelwell, through the essay on modernist fallacies and responsibilities of the black writer, explores the revolution through which the work of ...

Foreign Film essay

The Classical Hollywood Cinema is a term used to refer to motion pictures and the mode of production used in the American film industry in film history. It has the style of continuity in editing and character development. Hollywood has taken over ...

Frank LLoyd Wright essay

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is one of  the most famous artist in the world. He was born to William Wright (a music teacher and a Baptist minister) and Anna Lloyd Wright. Her mother was a strong and self reliant woman who had an influence ...

Graffiti essay

Painting, in lay man’s language is the act of using brushes to apply paint or color on a given surface (Jane, 98). To an artistic eye, painting is more than just the basic application of pigment. Rather, it refers to the end product of a fine ...

Jazz Concert Review essay

Last Saturday, I decided to visit Heidy?s. It is a German restaurant located in my neighborhood, which is famous for its live jazz concerts. I have never been to a jazz concert before and, thus, was tremendously excited about visiting this place. A ...

Korean Culture Through Films essay

Chunhyang is a movie that displays the Korean culture. The director of the movie, Im uses the Pansori folk song as his theme. The Koreans have an attachment to music and folk songs this is brought out through the Pansori folk song that Im uses as a ...

Legend of the True Cross essay

The Legend of the true cross is a painting by Piero della Francesca. Though a famous artist in the 13th century, it is the Legend of the True Cross that propelled him to popularity in the 20th century. The legend of the cross is a frieze and a ...

Leonardo da Vinci?s Artwork of Mona Lisa essay

Mona Lisa, the painting of the greatest French artist Leonardo da vinci, is my favorite piece of artwork. It is known as Portrait of Lisa Gherardini. Completed between the periods 1503-1519, the famous two-dimensional half-length portrait is an oil ...

Medieval Art essay

Ivory and boxwood carvings 1450 to 1800 have been one of the most prized medieval artwork during such time. The ivory sculpting and carving have been very famous because of the fact that it helps the artists to express a greater amount of artistic ...

Michelangelo - Temptation and Expulsion essay

Context: it is important to make an emphasis that the Michelangelo has developed the complex scheme of Sistine Chapel ceiling by himself and there was a permission from Pope Julius II “to do as he liked”. Also, Michelangelo had a ...

Neo-Classical Art essay

Neoclassical art is the second half of the eighth century of Europe when enlightenment spirit was experienced. This period is also referred to as the age of reason. There are daring and brave individuals who defy the rule of religion and the ...

Pablo Picasso Blue Period essay

Pablo Picasso blue period is a term that refers to the series of paintings in which blue color dominated in painting between 1901and1904. Pablo Picasso’s paintings were in a way as if he saw the world in blue. During this time Picasso was ...

Prelude to Appreciation essay

The selected listening example is The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten (1946) that combines the elements of old-fashioned (traditional) style and innovative approaches to the orchestra performance. Improvisation, rhythmic ...

Realism essay

Film realism can be analyzed to be more of “being there” than all the other forms of art. “Being there” is a style of literature that comprises the metaphoric classification of art. It actually refers to presence of an action ...

Renaissance and Baroque Art essay

The Renaissance period was an era that lasted from the 17th century to mid-18th century. First conceived in Italy, the Renaissance then spread to France, Germany Spain and the Netherlands. One of the greatest painters of that period was Michelangelo ...

Shahzia Sikander Arts Work essay

Shahzia Sikander is a well known contemporary artist who was born the year 1969 in a town in Pakistan known as Lahore.  Shahzia got her undergraduate in Lahore at the National College of arts and afterwards she managed to get her MFA in 1995 ...

Shelley Niro essay

Shelley Niro is a member of the 6 Nations Reserve; Mohawk in the Turtle Clan. She was born in Niagra Falls, New york, in the year 1954. Niro currently resides in Brantford, Ontario. She has already graduated from Ontario College with honors in ...

Short Art History essay

China The painting by Shang Xi and the architecture of The Forbidden City shows how elements of Confucianism and Daoism in form of arts in China. the painting of Guan Yu Captures General Pang De was painted by Shang Xi at the Ming Court where ...

Spread of Culture in 20th Century essay

The 20th century saw a massive spread of culture all over the world and more particularly in the United States. New technology played a very significant role affecting trade, journalism and publication through printing. Thus, this essay seeks to ...

Starry Night by Vince van Gogh essay

Starry Night, painted by Van Gogh in 1889 is a very an outstanding piece of art. However, only one painting was sold by Van Gogh during his lifetime, but the aftereffects of his work are amazing. Starry Night is a very popular image in the modern ...

The Biography of Sarah Sze essay

Sarah Sze is a modern artist who lives and works in one of the world’s busiest cities, the city of New York. She was born in 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America.  She uses ordinary day to day objects to make sculptures ...

The Chinese Opera Mask essay

The Chinese artwork under evaluation is mostly colored purple with some black and yellow dots spread all over. The mask resembles a man and my thinking is that the creator who created it had a certain person’s face he was reflecting upon while ...

The History of Photography essay

Photography is often associated with facts and accuracy. Unfortunately, since its inception, photography has continued to defy this popular belief. Photography is an art of fiction that goes beyond representing actual scenes. Photography was ...

The Roman Artifacts essay

The most pressing complexity in studying ancient history is the unavailability of recorded history which has been documented entirely on all human events. There has only been a fraction of them which can be relied on and much of all, those that are ...

The Significance of Space and Objects at the Aboriginal Cultures Gallery essay

The South Australian Museum was closed in 1999 for refurbishments. The aim of these renovations was to work with aboriginal operators to develop aboriginal products, in order to enhance consistency and accreditation of this experience. This case ...

Theatre Play essay

The successfulness of writing and producing a play is depended on factors such as actor’s performance, the set, or the costumes. This paper provides such an analysis of the ancient play called Next Fall. Next-Fall, a popular present day play ...

Visit to the Walter?s Museum in Baltimore essay

On my visit to The Walter’s Art Museum, situated in the Mount Vernon neighbourhood in Maryland, Baltimore, I had one of the best museum experience in my life. The Walter’s Art Museum  is by far one of the most coveted museums of the ...

?Water for Elephants? by Sara Gruen essay

Occasionally, art (music, text, or an emotional movie), is simply too unnecessarily complex. When the piece of art has excessive events, devices, color outlines, or characters to monitor a movie, a song, a portrait, or a book; these might undergo ...

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