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How to Stay Focused While Writing

How to Stay Focused While Writing

Whenever you need to write something, there are a few stages you need to go through: research the topic, make an outline, write the text, edit and proofread. However, there is one thing that should be present throughout the whole process - focus. Maintaining your focus while doing a work that is not very exciting is a challenge for many people. We offer you some tips on how to make it possible and stay focused when writing.


Being centered is a synonym for being focused. Once you know that it's time to write, you should already start working on your focus. The starting point is your intention to write. Many people make a mistake of postponing a task while continuously thinking about it. If the thought that you need to start writing has already invaded your mind, get down to business. From this point, you need to keep your focus up with the following tips.

Don't Focus on Distractions

However hard you might try, distractions are impossible to eliminate. The only thing you can do is to acknowledge them and try not to focus on their influence. This relates to both physical and mental distractions. While you can try to avoid your noisy roommate or look for a more comfortable study spot, but your own thoughts are a lot harder to escape from. Let them come and go without paying too much attention to them.

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Take a Break

Everything starting from your brain and finishing with your spine will appreciate a break from writing once in a while. Taking a break might sound contradictory to staying focused, but our bodies need to relax in order to maintain the strength. The brain follows the same principle. When subjected to continuous work, it loses the ability to work properly and produce a good result. Eye strain and muscle ache also never contribute to staying focused but will only keep you distracted.


The big part of your focus relays on the preparation stage. In most cases, you need to conduct a research to study the topic you need to write about. During this stage, you need to accumulate enough information so that you don't need to get distracted when doing the actual writing. If you approach your writing assignment unorganized, you won't be able to stay focused because you'll always need to look up something.

New Location

A change of location might also be beneficial for your focus. If you're one of those people who always study at the same place, you're likely to start associating it only with studying and hard work. Doing it somewhere else will change your perception and bring a bit more excitement to your studying routine. Not many people find writing thrilling so they struggle with staying focused. These tips are something that everyone can practice, and while they seem simple, they are able to boost your focus dramatically.

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