5 Steps to a Great Cause and Effect Essay on Unemployment

5 Steps to a Great Cause and Effect Essay on Unemployment

A cause and effect essay is one of the most complicated ones to write because it requires a full understanding of the topic at hand. That is why we are offering our tips on how to write an excellent essay. Let's take unemployment as an example topic and go through several essential points.

Find out What the Effects Are

Unemployment is a fairly urgent issue. It leads to many pressing problems from crime and depression to political upheavals. If people are not given opportunities to earn money with dignity, they are forced to search for other, less legal sources of income.

Find out the Causes

The are many factors that can influence the employment situation in a given country. Some countries just have poor economic policies. Others suffer from an unstable political situation. One should never rush into conclusions when i comes to identifying the reasons for such a serious issue as unemployment.

Reliable Sources Only

Nowadays, you don't have to go to the library to get the information you need. The Internet is full of articles, posts, books, and videos on any topic you might want to study. However, not all data online is equally acceptable from the perspective of academia. Students should use only verifiable, respected resources and stay away from Wikipedia and such. For example, the best source of reliable information on unemployment in the United States of America is the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Choose a Strong Thesis Statement

Most students have little understanding of how important the thesis statement is for the overall quality of their essay. Here are a couple of examples:

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  • Unemployment among adults can be solved by providinng them with an ample opportunity to acquire additional skills.
  • Government should not get involved with the problem of unemployment as it is a personal issue rather than an economic one.
  • Economists state that the 4 percent unemployment rate is natural, so the issue of unemployment in the USA is exaggerated.

Don't Be Afraid of Revisions

After you are all done with writing your essay, go through it several times. You can also involve a friend, a writing group, or a professor willing to assist. It will help with such simple things as grammar and structure, as well as more complicated issues. Make sure that you talk about the logical connections between the issue at hand and its causes and impact and don't forget to cite properly.

Follow these steps, and you will definitely receive an A from your professor!

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