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Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

Developing an argumentative essay is a common assignment for students. In some cases, students can choose the topic by themselves, most often preferring to select popular arguable topics, such as teenage pregnancy, abortion, gun control, capital punishment, etc. It is a good idea to choose these topics, as it is easy to find arguments for and against them. If a student takes, for example, the topic of teenage pregnancy, there are certain points he or she needs to keep in mind.

Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

Include the Statistics

Unlike some other traditional argumentative essay topics, you will need to include statistics when writing about teenage pregnancy. They can be such numbers as:

  • Teenage girls who got pregnant in a given year in the USA or other countries.
  • Those who decide to give birth to the child.
  • Those who decide to make an abortion.

Using statistics can help you analyze social, educational, economic, family, religious and other factors that exert influence on teenage pregnancy. You don`t have to take only the United States into account. Consider other countries as well to compare.

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Use Diagrams, Figures, Tables and Indexes

Illustrative materials will help you better analyze the statistics. You may use the related information, which you can find in online journals, magazines and scientific editions. Make sure that the sources you use are reputable and don`t forget to cite them properly.

Analyze Causes and Effects

They can be both short-term and long-term effects of teenage pregnancy on different aspects of the society. Pay attention to the problems a teenage mom will have to face at all stages from pregnancy to giving birth and raising the child (alone or with the father). Also, see how mass media and the internet influence the rates of teenage pregnancy through movies, TV shows and other ways to propagate sexual relationships in teenage years. Mention as many causes as you can find and analyze how exactly they affect teenage girls and lead to unprotected sex and early pregnancy.

Stick to the Common Requirements

They includes such things as:

  • Establishing a strong thesis statement
  • Bringing many reliable arguments to support your opinion
  • Giving information to the reader so that they agree with you on the issue
  • Adding examples and related stories
  • Following the proper writing style (it shouldn`t be too dry and scientific in this case)
  • Sticking to the format (APA, MLA etc)
  • Proofreading the essay when it is done and fixing all the errors (including grammatical, spelling and logical ones)

Now, when you know how you should write your argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy, go ahead and do it. If you follow all the instructions given above, you will certainly do a great job and receive a high grade!

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