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3 Benefits of Participating in Academic Debate

3 Benefits of Participating in Academic Debate

When choosing an extracurricular activity, many students often concentrate on sports or more directly academic pursuits. However, there are more benefits of debate clubs that one may imagine. Here are the top three.

It Looks Great on Your Resume for Colleges

There are things that are guaranteed to get you in good standing with prestigious schools and increase your chances of being admitted. Volunteering is one, academic debate is the other. College boards know that discourse can develop the valuable skills that every educated person needs.

It Helps You Form Opinions of a Range of Subjects

A current social landscape is hard to figure out. When it comes to political, economic and even moral issues, it is hard to find the truth in the millions of viewpoints. Hearing out all the positions on a subject can help you to form your own outlook on life. Moreover, you will also learn valuable arguments to support your opinions. Perhaps, you`ll even learn about the issues that you have not suspected that they do exist!

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It Develops You as a Person

There`s nothing more valuable for a students than critical thinking and research skills. However, it may be hard to find the ways to develop these abilities. Some high school classes and projects may help, but in general, learning before college involves more memorization and less analysis. On the other hand, in debate, people learn to listen to the arguments of others, respond intelligently, and be persuasive. Shy people can become more confident, while people who speak too much can learn to transform their word into intelligible and compelling speeches. Whatever your aim, academic debate allows you to grow as a person. Academic debate is a valuable activity that can help high school students improve their resumes, learn about the world, and develop their skill sets!

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