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Essay on Adoption: What Are Positive and Negative Sides of the Issue?

Essay on Adoption: What Are Positive and Negative Sides of the Issue?

Regardless of a general perception of adoption as a process of parenting a child from other parents as an own one, this notion deals with many other serious issues. The issue of adoption is usually connected with different moral issues. There are many adoption essay topics that are discussed in relation to adoption processes, which include adoptions by gay couples, psychological problems of children connected with adoption and growing in another family, etc. The following essay on adoption will cover positive and negative effects adoption may have on both children and parents.

In order to start the adoption argumentative essay, it is important to outline two main types of adoption, which are closed and open adoption. The first type of adoption is a process when people adopt a child without getting additional data about biological parents except for general health information.

On the contrary, open adoption offers more freedom for both adoptive and biological parents. While the adoptive parents are considered legal parents of a child, biological parents receive a possibility to communicate with a child and follow his/her life in other family. This type of adoption is getting more popularity among people around the globe.

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To explain clearly in the current essay on adoption why some people are satisfied with this experience and why not, here is a list of pros and cons of this process.


  • The first advantage of adoption is that it is a great chance for a family that cannot have children to get what they want and to make a lonely child happy with new parents. Besides, this process is aimed at ensuring that only willing and adequate parents get a child and that child will be in good hands and will get new opportunities in life.
  • In addition, in the process of adoption, biological parents who cannot bring up the child on their own, receive necessary support. Their child receives necessary conditions for proper life and they get a possibility to manage their own lives, especially in case of young mothers.


  • One of the negative sides of adoption is that it is a time-consuming process. Parents willing to adopt a child will have to be ready to spend from couple of months to a year dealing with a lot of paper work and waiting on an adoption list.  
  • In addition to process duration, adoption is also quite expensive (approximately 2,500 USD). As a result, not everyone can afford it.
  • One of the most important disadvantages is an assimilation period of a child. It is difficult to foresee how the child will behave in new conditions. It may result in different misunderstandings and quarrels.

Adoption is a difficult and challenging process. However, only those parents who truly want to build strong relations and only those children who want to be a part of a happy family will succeed in reaching their aim.

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