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Free Custom «Reverend John Hales Role in the Crucible» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Reverend John Hales Role in the Crucible» Essay Paper

Introduction to Reverend John Hale’s role in the Crucible

The crucible is a historic theater play based on occurrences of the Salem witchcraft trials. In this play, I reverend John Hale being a scholar in signs of unnatural or supernatural powers; try to find out what is happening to Betty and also whether Abigail has sold the soul to the devil as claimed.

My actions in the play

I questioned Abigail about her behaviors to understand her side of the story. Since she was being blamed for the misfortunes, I needed to get the two sides of claims. This led to Abigail confessing that Tituba made Betty and her drink blood. When Putnam declares that Tituba must be hanged, I confront her to get the truth. She claims the devil’s hands in her actions; knowing that confession is the only way to save herself. I also get to know that many were involved than claimed. This is a good basis for me to make a conclusion.

I also questioned Proctor church going habits and make him narrate the Ten Commandments. This helped me understand more of Proctor character as adulterous, however proctor also give me another angle of the confession trend; they confess to save them from claims even though some could be innocent. I get to understand Proctor and Elizabeth’s beliefs concerning witchcraft.

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Finally, I persuade Elizabeth Proctor to convince adamant Proctor to confess believing I will be held responsible for his death. I also believed it was worth telling a lie to save someone’s life. When Proctor agrees to confess, I am relieved; however, when Danforth insisted on a written statement, I am disappointed. I go back to Elizabeth to convince Proctor sign confession, but she says Proctor has earned his goodness no one should seize it away.


I believed in the power of saving life even if it meant a little lie. That is way I did whatever happened. In this play, my actions entails the beliefs I hold when it come to life.


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