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Free Custom «Captain Ahab» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Captain Ahab» Essay Paper

Ahab is the captain of the whaling ship, he aspire to kill the Moby Dick, the whale that frustrated him previously while in the voyage. Though it was against his religion, he vowed to break the religion law and achieve his mission. Ahab started hatred over the Moby Dick due to the pain that it cost him a leg. Throughout the story, he is depicted has the tragic hero. He depicts Dick an evil and that he wanted to destroy the evil single handedly.

Though Ahab he was depicted throughout the story as an obsessed killer of Dick Moby, He was an orphan that worked till he became a businessman where did business for forty years. He is depicted as a very curious man and had no fear. He risks his life to depend the crew against the attack by the whale where he finally lost his leg. Even after losing his leg, he come strong to continue with his work as a captain depicting as tireless person ready to perform his duties despite the prevailing situations

The life of Ahab was full of bitterness and dangerous encounters, for instance he when he was a captain; he killed the crew due to his careless desire to kill the Dick. He is overconfident and evil himself; his desire to kill the Dick left a man full of evil and carelessness. Before his death, he goes single handedly to fight with the Dick though he knew the danger behind his actions. He was also an ignorant person; though he knew the possible danger fighting with the whale, he went ahead to confront it just because he believed that the animal was evil. He defiant to his religion and he vow to kill the Dick though it was against his religion. “Actual cannibals stand at streets corners; savages outright; many of whom yet carry on their bones unholy flesh.”


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