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Free Custom «Li-Young Lee and Alberto Alvaro R?os» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Li-Young Lee and Alberto Alvaro R?os» Essay Paper


Li-Young Lee was born in Djakarta, Indonesia in 1957 to Chinese political exiles and Alberto Alvaro Ríos was born in 1952 on the American side of the city of Nogales, Arizona, on the Mexican border.

Rhyme Scheme

They give flow and rhythm to poems thus aiding a lyricist conveying a mood and telling a story. This is the repetition of sounds maybe in a work or identical sounds. There are a couple of ways to rhyme within a verse. Rhymes that rhyme within a rhyme are internal rhymes, and those that rhyme at the end of a verse-line are end rhymes, those that occur in the middle of next and at the end of line are cross rhymes. Those usually mixed with unrhymed lines, seemingly occur accidently with no regular combination are random rhymes.  In Li-Young Lees’ poem there’s a random rhyme sleep and keep, In Alberto Rios poem there’s an internal rhyme inside us, and inside us.

Figurative Language: This kind of style compromises a reader to imagination in order to understand an idea and it does not necessarily mean what it says. Sometimes words are in actuality but it varies from literal norms language. Examples of figurative language include metaphor or simile.   In Li-Young Lees’ poem, His love for me is like his sewing, and in Alberto Rios poem, does not reach out in place of the tongue.

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Irony: It is exactly the opposite of what it seems to be mostly.Actually there are many types of irony like cosmic, dramatic and verbal. Verbal is actually when reference is made of something which is totally different and because of knowledge the audience understands. It also occurs when in actuality something is said in jest. In Li-Young Lees’ poem He mends ten holes in the knees Alberto Rios poem, we each take a piece through the eye and through the ear.

Theme: In this case usually a writer makes use of the plot, literary devices and the characters in aiding the learner. A theme may be deep seated, moralistic or even hard to comprehend to the reader but the writer passes on a thought or idea. In literary work a normal thread or a reported idea is merged. In Li-Young Lees’ at this hour, what is dead is restless and what is living is burning. Poem Alberto Rios poem the secret city is ourselves

Conclusion: The skill and knowhow of these two writers is clearly evident in each magnum opus and not to forget the style which they bring about bits of their cultures, bearing in mind their individual perspectives.  Admittedly by not being prejudiced both in some instances bring into context their cultural heritage.  This in turn provokes these new insights or perspectives in a reader. Though culturally the poem is shaped, that does not make the writer partisan instead it shapes the flow and the poem itself. It is important to note that the poems are moving and brilliantly written.


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