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Free Custom «Mythology» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Mythology» Essay Paper

According to Plato’s myth of Er, after death, the soul is subjected to judgment where by mature souls are sent to heaven while those that lived at cross-paths with universal law are sent to a very nasty place known as Tartarus (underground prison). It is at this place (Tartarus) where such souls are subjected to punishment in order to pay their penalty. However, some few souls like that one of Er are not subjected to judgment but rather considered as earth’s messenger and subsequently sent back to the earth to inform the mankind of the other world experience.

The Egyptian creation story

According to the Egyptian’s creation story, at first, only the ocean existed. An egg then appeared on the surface of the water from which the sun (Ra) emerged r was formed. It is the sun that brought two gods (Shu and Geb) as well as two goddesses (Nut and Tefnut). The atmosphere was then formed from Tefnut and Shu which stood on Geb that was considered the earth and at the same time Nut was raised as the sky. The main or overall ruler was the sun (Ra) and watched over a series of trends where many other creatures were formed such as Set, Osiris, Isis, Horus and Nephthys. A battle eventually arose and Horus became the final king of the earth after defeating Set.

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Describe the Egyptian afterlife

Egyptian afterlife was taken in the ideal version of the country as a perfect existence where complete peace, delight and bliss prevailed. It was termed as the Field of Offerings or Rushes where ancient Egyptians were charged with the responsibility of providing for their afterlives as per the earthly means. Death was something that preoccupied the ancient Egyptians and at the same time believed that one day they would die and be taken to a dark terrifying underground place commonly known as the underworld. The underworld was a land of great deal of dangers that required every Egyptian to pass through before being considered for afterlife.


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