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Free Custom «Essays in Literature» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Essays in Literature» Essay Paper

“Claiming an education” Adrienne Rich

The state in which our society can claim to have education is when learning activities are reclaimed from depersonaling and cheapening the pressure that is on in present day academic scene. Students go to school to receive education for them to be independent minded and claim to have an education which will mean they own or possess. The problem with modern day education in universities is that they are not appreciating the role of women experience and excluding them from education community. This is not right thing because everybody needs to have education regardless of sex.

The author is challenging the students that they ought to be serious with their work so as to be benefit from education they are being given. Women should be given opportunity to participate in educational activities because they have the ability to do so. Claiming to have education is therefore a state whereby one is independent of his decisions and treats others with respect.

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“Nickel and Dimed” Barbara Ehrenreich

This essay is much concerned of how people struggle in life in order to make ends meet. He says that the economic hardship is making life hard because house rents and other essential commodities have increased. There exists clear social class in society where the rich will continue to live in flourish while the poor will continue to face difficulties. This kind of living is not tolerable as the government should in to ensure that the land lords are not hiking rents and prices on consumer commodities are friendly to everybody. In the process of looking for job, he gets one with local firm but the situation and conditions are not good. They are torturing psychologically and full of stress. This kind of life is not acceptable at cost where human beings are treated like machines.


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