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Free Custom «Evaluating the Metaphors» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Evaluating the Metaphors» Essay Paper

The metaphors were mainly focused on love, living and lifestyle; this can be given by the examples of the event, person and place. The metaphors have an elegance of simplicity since the talk of very usual and common such as the wife, child, work, music, and motorcycles. The flattery of imitation and development is also seen in the metaphors. The metaphors are also very predictable since when he/she chooses the event, person or place they will probably focus on a moral setting.

The power of predictability is also very evident due to the basic and simplicity of the metaphors. They also have a good perspective, balance and completeness since they focus on issues that face all people; especially on the issue of love. The metaphors also stand the test of time since they focus on the issues that will be ever present such as the issues of work, children, wife, and music.

The metaphors also focus on solving personal barriers; and they are put in a simple and understandable language; the feelings in them are loving and caring. For instance, The love of my life; kind and understanding. The also show great perceptions and memory of the individuals past in that he has based then son his own perception on the events, people and place. For example, calm and relaxing; energizing and motivating. They also have great logic since they train people on the simple things in life that matter such as work, and a wife.

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The metaphors are not very creative in view of the fact that the events, person and places chosen are very basic and usual however he has been able to give very relevant metaphors that will serve a great purpose of educating the society. The metaphors clearly give certain ideas that everyone goes through and can be able to relate to; for instance work maybe challenging but will also be satisfying.


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