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Essay Topics

Essay topics determine how the rest of your essay will play out. The topic of the essay works the same way as the essay thesis. It is the central idea of what the rest of the paper will be based on. Unless you are assigned the topic to write about, you would be left on your own to decide what the subject is. To guide you in this task, here are some steps to follow. These pointers and guide questions will make selecting the essay topics easier. Follow this guide closely so you can pick the most suitable and appropriate subject for your paper.

  • Narrow down the subject to write about. For instance, if it is about literature, then what period or genre? If you are writing about Anglo-Saxon Literature, what particular piece will you write about or which author?
  • Research about the general essay topics you should write about. Go to the library and check out journals and books. Go online and get ideas there as well. You can even try interviewing your professors and consulting with them.
  • Think about how much time you are given. Among the essay topics, choose one that is plausible within the limited time frame. Remember that researching online and in the library will take time. Plus, you will have to outline, draft and revise your paper.
  • What is the citation style of the paper assigned to you? Is it MLA, APA, Oxford and so on? Familiarize yourself with the rules for citation.
  • Look into related papers or researches. Are any of them relevant to the subject? Get ideas from them so you will know what to write about. Make sure you have access to them before you start writing the paper.
  • Decide on the essay format you will use, if it was not assigned beforehand. Make sure you follow the specific format assigned for your essay.

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If you are having a hard time about choosing the topic, you should access all kinds of resources to help you get you started. The Internet is a great source for ideas. Browse it and search through the essay topics results it comes up with. You can even sift through the works of other students who have written papers on a similar topic.

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