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Choosing an essay topic can be a daunting task. At times, the topics are already hand-picked for the students but there are also times when students are asked to choose what to write about. Once the essay topic has been chosen, the student has to make an outline and think about the appropriate writing style they will use. Will it be persuasive, informative or descriptive? What will be the main points of the essay?

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Topics vary according the general type of essay. If it is a history essay, then the student has to choose a history essay topic. If it is on literature, then it has to be a literature topic as well, and the list goes on. Whatever the topic may be, the writer has to make sure that it is structured well and it serves its purpose. For instance, if the essay is aimed at narrating, then the writer will have to weave the essay in a way that it effectively narrates the topic. If the essay is argumentative, the writer will have to fashion the essay in favor of the paper’s position.

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