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An essay cover page is usually not expected for the personal essay. However, academic essays are a different story. The MLA or APA essay cover page is quite different, one from the other. Typically, an essay cover page will contain the due date of the essay and the author’s name. The essay cover page usually also states the topic of the essay and the number or name of the course for which it is being written. At times, a professor will require that the essay cover page also contain the name of the university, but this is not always the case. Regardless of what is required, it pays to take the time to study the criteria because points can be subtracted from one’s grade if the essay cover page is not written correctly.

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The essay cover page gives the first overall impression of a writer’s work. It is crucial that the page be completely free of errors. It should be very neat in appearance and not have any unnecessary graphics or other objects in it. Every writer should remember that books are, indeed, judged by their covers. For this reason, each part of an essay should be scrupulously examined and a number of points should always exist on the title page.

Forget about the Difficulties with Formats

Each professor has his or her own particular way of assigning academic papers. A certain professor might request that the essay have 10 pages, while another might only require 5. One might require that the paper be written in Harvard or Chicago formats, while yet another professor might ask for MLA style formatting. When a student has 6 different professors requesting 6 different academic papers, it is easy for him or her to become overwhelmed. EssaysExperts.com can step up to help during these situations, because when a student becomes overwhelmed, it can have disastrous results for the student in terms of his or her grade point average.

EssaysExperts.com is a well-known online writing service that is used by literally thousands of students each year from around the world. We stand out as a premier writing service, not only for the excellent writing that we do, but also because of the outstanding guarantees of customer satisfaction that we issue and our outstanding customer service offerings. There are many things that cause our writing to be superior to that of our competitors. One of the main things is the fact that we have such a massive array of writers, all with specific specialties in particular areas of expertise. Each of our writers has to be screened carefully for knowledge and expertise prior to being hired, and all of them have to have many years of professional writing experience before we will even consider hiring them. We only allow the very best writers to work for us.

The guarantees that we offer are excellent, because we want our customers to feel perfectly comfortable doing business with us. We fully guarantee that all of our essays and other academic papers will be completely free of errors of any kind, be they spelling errors, errors in formatting, grammar or anything else. The margins will be correct. Each detail will be meticulously regarded. Furthermore, we employ professional editors to scrutinize each detail of every paper to insure that this strict standard is followed to the letter. Only when a paper is declared error free, is it returned to the student who ordered it. Even then, however, if the customer sees something that he or she wants changed, we allow that customer to request a revision free of charge within 48 hours to get the paper he/she wishes. To our knowledge, no other writing company comes anywhere close to offering this through a guarantee.

Finally, there is the matter of plagiarism. Since most of our staff once worked professionally in academia, we are well aware of the serious consequences involved with turning in an essay that has been plagiarized, both in part or as a whole paper. This is why we decided, early on, in our company’s history, to purchase the very best plagiarism detection software that money can buy. We want to make sure that a student’s work is 100% original. These are only a few reasons why EssaysExperts.com is the very best writing service that is available online to help with the academic paper writing needs of any student.

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