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Essay Format Styles

Each student who is assigned an essay, no doubt, uses sources in addition to his or her own ideas. Each time a source, other than one’s original one, is used , it is necessary to acknowledge its author. This is where the various essay format styles come into play.

At times a source is used that is not a direct quote from a book or article that was written by someone else. However, it still needs to be acknowledged, or it will be considered plagiarism. There are a number of different essay format styles used to accomplish this task. The sources can be recorded in the form of footnotes, in-text notes, endnotes or in parenthesis. Each reference should be listed on a separate piece of paper at the essay’s end. This end piece is referred to as a bibliography.

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The different types of essay format styles each has distinguishing characteristics. Four of these essay format styles are used more frequently than the others. Probably the most frequently used of the essay format styles is the MLA styles as defined by the Modern Language Association. This style is most commonly used for writing about art, literature and writing that pertains to any of the humanitarian college courses.

The second of most frequently used essay format styles is APA. This is the writing style that was defined originally by the American Psychology Association. It is used for essays and other academic papers that are written about any of the social sciences such as sociology and, of course, psychology itself. When a student needs to write a history paper, he or she frequently uses Chicago or Turabian styles. 

These options present choices that might be confusing for some students. Even though they may have been taught the differences between these writing styles early on in their college, or even high school, careers, it is easy to forget many of the details that are involved with writing in these various styles. This is especially true when one professor assigns a paper in one format and another assigns one in a different format. There are so many details to remember and often there is not enough time to learn them all before a paper’s due date. EssaysExperts.com is here to help during those times.

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