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Research Proposal Format

As a student, we have to handle different writing assignments. Research paper is one of the toughest assignments. Before one starts writing research paper, one must submit a covering letter that talks about the topic selected for research, the reasons why the applicant thinks that research needs to be conducted on this particular topic and what are possible benefits of the research. This covering letter is also known as research proposal. One needs to follow a particular research proposal format. It is important that your research proposal format is such that your instructor approves it. Until and unless your research proposal format is not approved, you cannot start your research. It is important that you know how to draft a research proposal. Give below is a rough draft of research proposal format.

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Research Proposal Format: the Details

Cover Page: Cover page is also known as the title page. It must include an attractive and insightful title. It is important that you create a title that gives the reader an idea about the topic. Attractive titles are attention seekers. It is important that you have an attention grabbing cover page.

Introduction: this is the prelude to your research and your topic. It introduces the topic to the viewers. You must write the introduction in a convincing manner because it will determine the fate of your research proposal format. You must give a brief about why further research should be conducted on this particular topic.

Body of the proposal: this paragraph should discuss the tools that are going to be used in research. It must also give a detail about the approach methodology for the research. You must understand that your research methodology will also determine the success or failure of your research. You must describe the research technique appropriately.

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Conclusion: this part of the research proposal format is used to convince the readers. You must summarize your proposal in brief and you must speak about the problem statement again. Don’t forget to write about how you think additional research can benefit others. Ensure that conclusion is thought provoking.

References: This part talks about different reference materials that are going to be used in research. It is best if you can list down different books, websites and educational reference materials that are going to be used. If you are quoting anyone, don’t forget to offer the writer due credit or else you will be penalized for plagiarism. You must pay attention to formatting. Read your instruction manual to check the formatting style. Most popular formatting styles for research proposals are APA or MLA styles.

Well, now you must have understood that drafting a research proposal is not a cakewalk. One needs to spend considerable time researching about the topic and then presenting it in a convincing manner so that your research gets approved. Research proposal isn’t like drafting a story. It requires conclusive evidence. There are several examples of research proposals on EssaysExperts.com however if you still find it a task to draft a research proposal, just contact EssaysExperts.com and they will be glad to help you.

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