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Harvard Essay

The online custom writing service of EssaysExperts.com will take you to great heights that you are either dreaming or decided to attain with your diligence and determination. If you are looking for admission in the prestigious Harvard University then the first step toward this cherished goal should be to buy some Harvard essays from us to get aquainted with the change of track towards your ultimate destination. These Harvard Essays are cheap to buy but are priceless to carve your way into this historical campus.

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Harvard University: Important Information

Harvard University is located in Cambridge (Massachusetts) in the United States. This university was established in 1936 by the legislatures of Massachusetts. Being the oldest university, its influence, history and wealth has made it one of the best institutions of learning in the world. Named after John Harvard, its benefactor, it originally trained clergy and Congregationalist. Soon after the Civil War of America, the then President C.W.Eliot converted the college into a research university. As on September, 2010, it has become the biggest financial endowment worth $27 billion. As on date, Harvard University employs over 2100 faculty members, around 7000 undergraduates students and 15,000 graduate students. It has the privilege of teaching at least 8 US Presidents including Barak Obama, Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Over 70 Nobel Laureates happen to be affiliated to this University in one way or another. 62 living billionaires are its alma maters. Its academic library is the largest in America. It is quite difficult to get admission in the Harvard University. Its selection criteria are tough. In class of 2014, only 6.9% were selected whereas for 2011 it was less than 9% having 80% yield.

As with other universities, Harvard University also undertakes evaluation of admission essay as one of the selection criteria. These essays are based on personal experience interlaced with objective information. Since the selection percentage is very low, this indicates that the Harvard essay must be very hard to write. If you have never written an admission essay then the task becomes all the more formidable. Proactive measures are always beneficial. You must read the below mentioned tips before sitting in front of your laptop.

Harvard has a well established and updated website which provides tips and directives for writing essays. These are:

  • You must lay down the central issue in your introduction. You must point out the problems and questions that you would be discussing in the essay.
  • Your concluding paragraph should show a link with the opening paragraph. A word, phrase or a sentence written in the beginning is a good idea.
  • Referencing must have to be done in Harvard style. In this style, author’s surname and publication year are cited in the text whereas the entire referencing in alphabetical order (Author) is to be provided at the end of the Harvard essay.

You may get several Harvard Essays online which you may download. You shall get enough ideas for writing your Harvard essay. Needless to say, when you are priming yourself for taking admission in the Harvard University, you must have desired knowledge and skill to write excellent essays of diversified types. Sample Harvard essay will further enlighten you with techniques of opening an essay and concluding the essay. However, you may not get the exact replica of the Harvard essay you have been asked to write. Here EssaysExperts.com shall be your benefactor. You may buy number of Harvard essays on different topics at a cheap rate from our online custom essay writing service.

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