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Things You Need to Have While Being a Student

Things You Need to Have While Being a Student

Many students would agree that preparation for college is rather exhilarating. Actually, lots of students can`t wait to get acquainted with their roommates and to figure out which things you should bring with yourself to college. Quite exciting, isn`t it? If you are eager to get to know several necessary items for your life in the dorm, read the following information.

  • Do you know that drinking clean water is essential for your body? Actually, a Brita filter can help to dispose of all harmful elements that water in your dorm contains. What is more, this will help you to be thrifty since you won`t have to buy new packs of water every week.
  • Other important things to consider are plastic dishes. They will allow you to bring food from home and then microwave it.
  • You may think that your room will always be clean and neat. Nevertheless, you will have to face challenges. For example, someone might spill juice or wine on the carpet and there won`t be your mother to help you to clean it up. Therefore, don`t forget to bring cleaning supplies with you.
  • Garbage bags are also necessary. Try to purchase those that are sturdy and solid. Frankly speaking, garbage will pile up faster than you may think. In addition, you can use plastic bags from shopping mall instead of garbage bags.
  • Keep in mind that you should have some medicines. Since a new environment can cause lots of problems to your health, purchase the most essential pills. Take vitamins in order to keep your health in a good state.
  • Additional socks and underwear will be very useful. In spite of the fact that you can do laundry, it will be boring to do it every weekend when you would like to hang out with your friends.
  • If you college allows to bring Apple TV, grasp this opportunity! Its big screen is much more convenient than the one on the cellphone or laptop.
  • Take a chance to have a discount on amazon prime. All you have to pay is only 49 dollars! Moreover, signing up with your college will give you an access to a free 6-month trial.
  • Although most of schools don`t allow to bring a power strip, you should have it, especially when you need to charge many gadgets at once.
  • If in your room there is a place for a futon or a chair, bring it. Thus, you won`t have to climb up onto your bed every time.
  • It`s no surprise that you`ll have some stressful situations, so bring a stuffed animal in order to feel more comfortable.
  • To tell you the truth, looking at your old photos can make you happier and evoke lots of positive emotions. So, bring a photo album!
  • Board games are more interesting than those you have on your phone.
  • Earplugs can save you from all those noises.
  • Sometimes weather makes it unreal to go to the dining hall, so buy Ramen noodles in advance.
  • Decoration of your dorm before holidays is an integral part. Therefore, purchase string lights and various lanterns.
  • I would highly recommend taking a full-length mirror, which is more convenient than the one in your bathroom.
  • A doorstopper will prevent all those students, who would like to make new friends, from stepping into your room. Thus, no valuable things will get lost.

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