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Pros and Cons of Life in the Dormitory

Pros and Cons of Life in the Dormitory

Living in a dormitory is probably the most memorable part of studying in college. There is no better place to learn how to solve a conflict with your roommate, who decided to drive you crazy, stock food you took from a dining hall or host three times more people than your place can actually fit and conceal it from an R.A.

Are any of these reminding about your being a first-year student? If you do not remember it, read the list of pros of dorm life to recall about alma-mater times. Don`t worry, we didn`t forget about cons.

  • Pro: You have your own place to stay`¦ even if it isn`t really yours`¦ even if you sometimes have to tolerate intolerable roommate.
  • Con: That feeling when you live on the fifth floor and there is no elevator in the dorm, so you have to carry your stuff upstairs by yourself.
  • Pro: Dorm is like a night club `“ there is a huge number of people hanging out 24/7.
  • Con: When you need to wake up early and the jerk next door who is a fan of dubstep keeps you awake all night.
  • Pro: A dorm is a separate world of drama and soap opera, special for every inhabitant.
  • Con: Lots of people gossip about you even though you do not give any slightest grounds.
  • Pro: If you left the room and forgot your keys inside, there`s no need to call the locksmith `“ just dial your roommate.
  • Con: If you get locked out when taking a shower in common bathrooms, it is a disaster as people rarely take phones with them to the shower.
  • Pro: You do not need to clean the bathroom as there is usually a person hired to do it in dorms.
  • Con: You have nothing else to do than tolerate horrible habits of the other communal bathrooms users until the staff cleans everything up.
  • Pro: In dormitories, students are used to sharing food they brought with other people, so you can choose anything you want.
  • Con: The place where you usually eat together in a dorm looks far from great at the end of semester.
  • Pro: Living in a dorm, one has always someone to party with.
  • Con: You stay in a dorm for weekend, so you have to tolerate drunk students` inadequate behavior.
  • Pro: There are common spaces and lounges where you can spend time with your friends.
  • Con: For some reason, there is always a guy in playing the guitar everywhere you go.
  • Pro: If you date someone from your dorm, you can see each other as often as you wish.
  • Con: If you break up with someone across the hall, you will have difficulty hiding from your ex-date.
  • If your roommate is never around, you live as if the room is just for you.
  • When your roommate is always around and is noisy, you have to tolerate that.

Despite all cons, life in the dorm is awesome `“ there is no place better to socialize and have some fun!

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