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The Personality of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby

The Personality of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway is a central figure in the breathtaking novel The Great Gatsby. Introducing the main characters, he creates a storyline and at the same time builds a certain kind of attitude towards everything that happens around him. Truly, the author`s choice is perfect as Nick is surrounded by the elite, but he is rather different from the people in this society. His main feature is self-reliance, and money is not the sense of his life. We have to admit that this allows the narrator to provide a sober judgment. However, the influence of the toffs grows stronger, and our hero is unable to resist. This other beautiful world sucks him in very quickly and stealthily.

The gentleman comes from a middle-class family. He grows up as an ordinary boy. Being hard-working people, his parents taught him to value every cent. Nevertheless, the constant presence among wealthy people leads to addiction. As a result, Nick gets used to luxury. Thankfully, the protagonist feels the gradual change and fear hangs upon him. The fellow may be alone soon. He realizes he can`t exchange the dearest and nearest people in the West Coast for all the money in the World. Therefore, the decision to leave the East Coast seems to be inevitable. The moment comes, and he escapes.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald presents Nick Carraway to be the stand-offish person, who is always decent in a conversation. But in the course of the novel you can notice that the man is sometimes biased and has prejudice about others. As has been mentioned, affluence has the power to bewitch a person and make him or her obsessed. In a like manner, it happens to Nick as life in the West Egg becomes to be the object of his desire. Firstly, he has a feeling of strong disapproval to the Daisy`s view of life, but then he begins to like her concept of being and even tries to follow it.

With the help of the inner battle, the main character doesn`t fall to the temptation to become a part of the prosperous community. A reader can observe how property influences the personality. It depends only on a person, whether he or she has enough strength to oppose. The character of Nick Carraway is very controversial. We can contemplate the changes in his personality. He changed his mind gradually as he spends more time with riches. The writer keeps an intrigue what choice will he make. By the end of the story, Nick finally understands that abundance can`t be the main component of humans` life. Friends and family are something priceless. What is more, feelings could never be bought. So, there is no reason to make opulence the sense of our living.

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