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Jobs for International Students after College

Jobs for International Students after College

Being an international student in the US is a challenging experience. You face even more difficulties, when you are about to graduate a college or university there. The easiest way is to go back home and start your career in your native country, however, why not to stay in the US and try your luck in the country of the greatest opportunities.

Things to Do after Graduation in the US

Think Beforehand

In order not to waste your time, it is advisable to start finding a job after college in advance. Think what you are willing to do after graduation and do your best to achieve the goal. Nowadays, big companies can easily accept a student for the internship, so that after graduation they already have a qualified employee.

Be Aware

Despite your unbearable desire to stay in the US, there is still some bureaucracy to be done. As you are still a student, take your time and find out what documents you will need to stay in the country to work. The more you know, the more chances you have to fulfill your dream.

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Use the Opportunity

You must understand that you are not alone and there is always someone to help you. In the USA, the International Student Office as well as Career Development Center are always waiting for the students to help them with their working prospects. You will have your personal career coach to work with and decide what suits best you and your skills.

Manage Your Time

As soon as you graduate, there is a window of 60 days to be involved in any other college syllabus or apply for an OPT program to begin your career in the US. The following visa lets you extend your staying in the country for a year to start the internship or simply begin working. However, you should remember that getting into the OPT program can take a long time, up to a few months, so do not waste the precious time.

Establish Connections

One of the best advice for international students is that communicating with people may be sometimes as joyful as beneficial. Make connections with all people who can help in your career development. Start with your university professors and even your friends` parents, you never know whom will you need in the future.

Think of Your CV

Build your resume as if it is the most important document in your life. Make sure it is not boring and simple as you must be different from other applicants. With the decent CV, the chances of getting the desired position are much higher.

Therefore, do not be scared of starting your career in the US. It may seem more challenging; however, it may soon turn out to be really beneficial.

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