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Guide to Writing a Good Reaction Paper

Guide to Writing a Good Reaction Paper

This article supposed to be a guide for students aimed for better understanding what reaction paper is and how to deal with this type of assignment successfully and effortlessly. This very type of written assignment should provide personal views and conclusions on a given abstract or article. In contrast to a summary, a reaction paper is a paper where your own thoughts on the problem raised in the original text are presented. That’s why your main goal is to demonstrate professor how well aware you are of the certain situation and how good your analytical skills are.

Let’s move on closer to the structure of your paper. The first part of a reaction paper should concern information on the topic and the author. At this stage, you should put down the major thoughts and underline the major points of the paper. The direct quotations can be used if there is a need. Mind that this very section shouldn’t include or somehow show your personal opinion, avoid any personal views here. What concerns the second part of your paper; it is the part where your personal opinions on the subject are presented. You can both get focused only on a major problem or take into consideration all of them and demonstrate your thoughts. You need to explain revealing the solid reasons why the presented material can address the modern society, world, or separate individuals. If there is a need, confirm your statements with your sources, and don’t forget to draw conclusions whether you agree with the author or not.

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Undoubtedly writing an outstanding reaction paper requires your efforts as this type of assignment isn’t the easiest one for sure. But despite its a bit challenging feature, a good reaction paper is a workable one. In order to make your writing easier and less stressful follow these recommendations:

  • Before defining the major points and ideas you want to discuss, read the original text very thoroughly.
  • Your opinion should be clearly described and supported with all additional information if needed. It’s recommended to give vivid examples.
  • To have a more argumentative statement, you need to use different sources.

One more important thing to bear in mind, it shouldn’t be a summary of an article. This is a common mistake when a summary is given instead of your personal view. Don’t forget that it’s not an overview. Every idea of yours should be provided with examples. But be careful with examples that aren’t properly related to the topic. Try to avoid common mistakes and follow these simple rules to make your reaction paper a really outstanding one!

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