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How to Make Your Night Studying Effective

How to Make Your Night Studying Effective

Every student had to or will have to study at night at some instance. There may be different reasons for that: one might need to finish a difficult project or get ready for an important exam. No matter what leads to it, night studying is always strenuous. So, how can you successfully handle such a challenge? Try doing the following:

Keep Your Body Awake

A cool shower can help you stay alert. What is more, to refresh yourself, you can watch a short episode from a horror movie or hilarious comedy. You can also try doing squats or some other physical exercises. You can do these easy things during your 5-7 minutes breaks from studying.

Drink Cold Water or Caffeine-Free Tea

Although coffee or regular black tea might be the first choice of many night-standers, yet, it is better to avoid drinking caffeine while studying at night. Of course, that will help you stay awake for the time being, but it will have a negative effect the next day `“ you will feel exhausted and may even have a terrible headache. That is why you had better drink a glass of water with ice or some herbal tea every half an hour.

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Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

To stay focused while studying, especially if it is at night, you have to turn off everything that might distract you (mobile phone, TV, music, etc.). You should also avoid drawing, writing poetry, playing games, messaging, dreaming about the better future, or anything else that can make you go astray. It might be not that easy as it sounds - try pinching yourself every time you notice that your focus has shifted from work.

Study with Opened Windows

If it is warm and cozy in your room, you are likely to fall sleepy very soon. That is why it is better to study with opened windows. If it is too cold outside to keep your windows open all the time, consider opening them for several minutes every half an hour (you can leave the room for this time). Cool air will help you think better as well as will not let you fall asleep.

It is tricky just to stay awake at night not to mention that there is the necessity of active thinking and learning. We hope that the abovementioned pieces of advice will help you to study at night more effectively.

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