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Why College Relationships do not Last Long

Why College Relationships do not Last Long

When you are in college, you finally live the way you want and do exactly what you want. In particular, you have more personal freedom concerning love issues. If you have a date, you see him/her whenever you want and often think that it will last long. I do not want to discourage you, but relationships in college often ended with breaking up. If you have a date now, I wish you all the best. I just want to share my experience and comfort those who had the same situations.

Doing What You Want

When we enter college, we all have some goals, the most important of which is to acquire skills for future occupation. Everything that happens around and everyone you communicate with influence your attitude to this goal, and thus you might be prone to change it. It`s normal. However, if a person has too much influence on you, that may be a problem. My college girlfriend supported me, but when I choose profession, she asked whether my occupation will be paid enough to support her if we create a family. I understood that and changed my life goal, but I did not want it.

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After we broke up, I realized that she had so much influence on me that I redirected my life. I made my own decisions, but they were not always right as they were largely fostered by my ex-date. Here I am telling you: do what you want to live your life.

The "College Bubble"

From a high school bubble, you get into college one. Limits and borders are much wider, but they still exist. In college, you spend time with a certain group of people, go out to the same places, and do the same things. Actually, it is not really different from the life in high school. The setting is different, but the bubble is the same, just bigger.

This bubble causes immaturity of relationships. My girlfriend and I expected that our relations would be just the same after graduation. We hoped to spend every free minute together. We did not think what we would do after we graduate. Trying to talk about the future, we planned to go to different cities, but we thought the dating situation will work out in postgraduate conditions as good as it did in college. It didn`t. So, you need to have a serious talk about plans for future to get out of this college bubble and plan something.

You Need to Understand What Love Is

In college, I thought I knew everything about love and life. However, it turned out that in college we are still kids that keep on exploring the world. I thought that feelings I had to my date were love. After we graduated, got out of the college bubble, broke up, and I met my true love, I understood how mistaken I was. College relations weren`t love, but they made me the man I am today, so I value this experience.

Stay positive and hopeful as every case is special. If you are not happy now, you will be one day for sure.

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