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Catch the Rhythm in Energetic Music at These 10 NYC Dance Spots

Catch the Rhythm in Energetic Music at These 10 NYC Dance Spots

New Yorkers and visitors adore dancing at city clubs. A night of dancing allows them to let off their unflagging energy. Here is a list of the best dance spots in New York City:

The Jane Hotel (212-924-6700)

The Ballroom of the Jane Hotel is an excellent spot for the best dance party in town at Sunday night. Earlier, sailors ordinarily used this place to rest. Now, the Jane Hotel offers dancing all night long. If you decide to attend this spot, do not forget that the party begins late, which is typical for New York.

Lavo (212-750-5588)

Although this spot is the most expensive in the list, it is worth visiting. Lavo's DJs tend to mix pop, house, hip-hop, and EDM, which ensures an unforgettable atmosphere. Faint-hearted people hardly like this party, since chaos can easily seize you by the morning.

Mehanata (212-625-0981)

Mehanata, a Bulgarian club, is often ignored. It seems that this spot is a home of nomadic gypsies and a sinful vodka ice room. Pass through the ice room and start dancing at one of Mahatana`s two floors. This hidden party house makes your friends think that they appear in Eastern Europe and not in the Lower East Side.

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Verboten (347-223-4732)

Verboten nightclub gives you a chance to dance until sunrise. The 10,000-square-foot space is divided into two rooms and caters. Insuperable love of underground house and a strong desire to dance off unite an electric crowd that attends this spot.

Marquee (646-473-0202)

Marquee did not attract party people for a couple of years. However, after a complete repair in 2012, the nightclub returns its popularity. A huge number of dance lovers begin to attend this spot again. Marquee consists of one large room and a balcony for a VIP area. International electronic DJs weekly create their energetic dance music. You will certainly meet many New Yorkers and curious travelers on the Marquee`s dance floor.

Santos Party House (212-584-5492)

Santos Party House is a two-levelled nightclub located south of Canal Street. It offers its visitors funk, soul, hip-hop, and house. Sunday party starts at 6 p. m. and lasts until midnight.

Provocateur (212-929-9036)

Provocateur, also called Provoc by regulars, attracts models, actors, and financial powerhouses. It includes Provocateur Café and Provocateur Nightclub. If you want to dance, stay in the Nightclub. Enter the Café if you are ready for people observation.

Output (No Phone)

Output has one of the best sound systems in Brooklyn `“ a Funktion One. Plaid-clad hipsters usually visit this club. The main room demonstrates high-quality electronic talent, and the nearby Panther Room presents you with a more intimate music listening. Besides, the rooftop is a suitable place to freshen up before return.

Le Bain at the Standard (212-645-4646)

The dance floor with the hot tubs certainly makes this spot amazing. If you arrive early, you may be lucky enough to enter the club. Do not worry if you failed to enter the first time. The club becomes completely full by midnight.

Cielo (212-645-5700)

You would like to dance, but the weekend has not come yet. In this case, go to Thursday night party to Cielo located in the Meatpacking District. A powerful sound system (Funktion One) produces thunderous sound and beats of high-energy.

Dance all night in the best NYC nightclubs!

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