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8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

If you are new to freelance business, it is always hard to find a reliable job that brings a profit. Although there are many alluring offers on the freelance market, not many jobs are suitable for newbies who usually lack experience and skills.

Freelance Writing Sites

Popular freelance writing platforms, such as Odesk, Freelancer and iWriter, should be the first place to refer to if you are looking for a job. Join the online community of freelancers who earn money using writing skills and it will be easy to find your first job.


You have probably heard about the rising popularity of Fiverr among freelance writers. The marketplace has numerous offers for freelancers. Although some of them are cheap, you will be able to earn a good salary if you take orders regularly.


Forums are great places for novices to build connections with the experienced writers who are looking for assistance. If you are active on forums, soon you will be noticed by a blogger or website manager who hire active people to write online content.

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Guest Posting

Different websites offer guest posting opportunities for people who are able to provide quality content. Although you may not earn a lot from the beginning, you will be able to increase your salary once the amount of offers gets higher and your writing skills improve.


This social media platform gives you a chance to connect with prospective employers directly. If you already know a person who may hire you, do not hesitate to contact him/her in social media and offer your writing services.

Job Posting Sites

There are many job posting sites, such as Craiglist, that offer suitable jobs for novices in freelance writing. If you check offers regularly, you may fill in your schedule with a big amount of work and earn a lot on your writing skills.

Create Online Portfolio

If you are confident about the strength of your writing skills, create your online portfolio and demonstrate your competency and willingness to work. The versatility of your portfolio will certainly attract your first clients and bring the desired job.

Write E-Books

If this niche of freelance writing is still unknown for you, you should certainly try your strength in writing and publishing online books. Many successful writers made their names in this area. So, what stops you from trying it?

Try to search your first freelance writing job at these popular places and you will definitely provide yourself with enough work and a high income.

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