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5 Must Try Dishes for Vegetarians Worldwide

5 Must Try Dishes for Vegetarians Worldwide

Unfortunately, many vegetarians face the problem of finding right food to eat while being abroad. Does it mean it is better to stay at home and follow your lifestyle? The answer is definitely negative. Even though the world is full of meat and fish, there is always room for those who prefer vegetarian foods.

Here is a useful list of must try dishes around the world that are recommended by travel bloggers and foodies. Every vegetarian will find its so-called food harbor.

You tiao (China)

It is very hard to get the concept of vegetarianism in China. However, China is a country with diverse cuisine, so everyone easily finds the food to relish. The best dish in China that any vegetarian can`t miss is you tiao. These are breadsticks of dough that are deeply fried. People eat them either for breakfast or as a snack. These breadsticks are lightly salted but can be dipped in anything sweet like chocolate sauce, jam, peanut butter, etc. The taste is absolutely delicious and appetizing.

Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica)

For all the vegans gallo pinto is a heaven for a wallet. Traditional breakfast in Costa Rica consists of rice, beans, eggs, and a tortilla. If you don`t eat eggs, simply say `sin huevos` when ordering. This means `without eggs`. In some local sodas, gallo pinto comes with avocado or fried banana that can be add extra instead of eggs. Not only is this dish cheap, but it`s also tasty and filling.

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Bolon de Verde (Ecuador)

There is a stereotype that all dishes in South America is meat-based. Believe it or not, plenty of traditional meals have always been vegetarian. Even the classic ceviche can be found in vegetarian menus. Bolon de verde is another dish that is recommended to be tried. It is a ball of plantain that is fried and stuffed with cheese. It is usually eaten for breakfast since it is very fulfilling.

Tartiflette au Reblochon (France)

Tartiflette au Reblochon is an awesome dish that saves your time and money when you cook it. The recipe is simply since you only need potatoes, cheese (obviously reblochon), onions, spices, and white wine. However, when you order it in a restaurant, make sure it doesn`t come with bacon or ham (people sometimes add this).

Masala Dosa (India)

The best destination for vegans is India. The country is gastronomically and culturally diverse. Therefore, there are no troubles finding vegetarian meals here.

Masala Dosa is the most popular one among vegans. It is similar to a crepe but made with rice and lentils batter. This Indian specialty consists of curried potatoes and peas. It is also served with a range of different dips; chutneys and sambar are the most common ones. You can`t miss this southern dish since it is very fulfilling and absolutely scrumptious.

All these 5 dishes are worth trying since they are not simply foods to deal with hunger. The most importantly, they present the culture of the country you are visiting.

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