Free Custom «Sonnet» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Sonnet» Essay Paper

Rain falls, cold winter comes, but love never fold

Heart beat so sweet, your picture remain, I've always had my angel

Young grows old, but love still can’t be sold, life stolen away

Water flow, forever I stand by you, down the aisle I will walk


Memories of the first time, my love- whose heart was filled with love

Forever I promised, forever you’ll be mine

Smileblooms, how long shall I pine

Moon light, star bright the year was ninety nine


Hard rock mount, but compass never lost its direction

Treats of passion fast feet, a tango dancer in disguise

Prince kiss, every day a strong hug shadow visits

Your napoleon, to cancer you surrendered.

Never fell out of love, in my heart u remain

Out of your embrace, into the arms of sorrow

Yesterday Love and happiness, now emptiness

No love to call my own, No heart in my chest.

Death usually has no control on the boundaries of love, our tears wash away the sorrow but fond memories remain in our heart forever, they are not washed away by time. The Volta shows that though the love of the poet has gone the sorrow has not washed away, it still consumes him and he can’t help how he still feels about heart. He does not have a place in his heart for loving another.


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