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Boland is a famous poet born in Dublin, Ireland back in the year 1944 where she grew up until she was six years old (Crow). After this her family decides to relocate to London where she spends part of her life. It is during this period of time when ...
Slavery was always one of the most problematic themes in literature. Whether in fiction or in documentary writings, literature always sought to reveal the hidden facets of slavery and its negative impacts on human lives. Mark Twain?s The Adventures ...
Rain falls, cold winter comes, but love never fold Heart beat so sweet, your picture remain, I've always had my angel Young grows old, but love still can’t be sold, life stolen away Water flow, forever I stand by you, down the aisle I will ...
This is a story about an African man and woman who are married but very poor. Their poverty leads them to a situation where the woman has to sleep with another man for monetary gain. The story begins with an imaginary sketch of the home where Joe ...

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