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Free Custom «Self-Development of AI Compared to Human Beings» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Self-Development of AI Compared to Human Beings» Essay Paper

Artificial intelligence is aimed to help people to cope with workload and general output. The major difference between artificial intelligence and plain robots is that AI is able to work on original, creative, unusual tasks. Needless to mention, artificial intelligence is set to overtake human beings. This paper is aimed to represent an up-to-date startup Uber as an example of artificial intelligence. In addition, the paper compares artificial intelligence to human beings and explains how AI can help in self-development. Moreover, it is aimed to show how AI helps human beings to cope with anxiety.

Uber technologies Inc. is a multinational company with an established online transportation network. By the end of May, 2016, the company had established a mobile application service that was made available to approximately 66 countries across the globe (O'Keefe and Jones, 2015, p. 118). Emphasizing technology, Uber is a great example of the artificial intelligence. Up-to-date engineering and permanent commitment to innovations make Uber a present-day startup that is aimed to simplify people’s lives. Uber application is able to find a taxi by itself, it can ask for a taxi even if user is asleep. Moreover, the company boasts of upcoming self-guided vehicles.

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According to Oral (2012), there are numerous examples of AI that can not only simplify human beings’ lives but also help in self-development. Artificial intelligence is widely used in American, Canadian and European universities as it helps students to study and educate themselves in a more effective way. (Oral, 2012) To raise a question of how exactly AI helps in self-development, author provides the following example: two groups of students were learning French words. The first one was learning them in a usual way, speaking to each other and correcting each other in order to learn everything by heart. The second group was using artificial intelligence robot as a partner to help them memorize the words and phrases. It sounds a little scary and very surprising, but the second group managed to learn required words more effective and faster. (Oral, 2012)

To emphasize on comparison between a human being and artificial intelligence, this case is tied up with probability theory. The reason is that AI has no chances to fail and it is more accurate than human being because it follows set program. Again, human being has much more possibilities to produce something as people have no boundaries. Creativity, an ability to create, is probably one of the major advantages human being has in comparison with artificial intelligence. In short, a robot works following the program, and even if it is the most up-to-date machine in the world, it is not able to make something genius. But a human being is capable of producing and creating anything imaginable. (Berlatsky, 2011) In addition, when it comes to comparison between human beings and artificial mind, it is important to mention that AI provides a possibility to spend more time for activities people are fond of.

Another comparison, which links anxiety management and the issue given, is philosophical as it is related to honor, morality and tolerance. The group of Turkish researches made an experiment that was aimed to examine how AI can help in a classroom management. The researches analyzed the anxiety of student teachers and demonstrated how AI can (or cannot) provide any hints to avoid conflicts followed by anxiety. (Oral, 2012). The study was conducted in Dicle University, where about 700 student teachers participated. The anxiety of the student teachers about classroom management was observed. Then the anxiety was observed via specially made artificial intelligence machine. Moreover, AI was aimed not only to observe the situation, but to regulate any conflicts. AI explored anxiety levels measuring voice pitch, frequency of words, intonation, facial expressions, and physical activity. (Oral, 2012).

In conclusion, self-development of AI compared to human being can both help and intervene people. Having all things considered, artificial intelligence itself gives user a possibility to free up the time and to help when it comes to automation. Morover, it can assist consumer when it comes to learning, working and progressing. Due to the program, artificial intelligence is almost never mistaken, so this concept is a firm platform for self-development. It does not mean people have to forget that they are able to develop themselves without artificial intelligence. Nowadays human brain is the most powerful tool on the globe. That means that human intellect can help to achieve any aims and to make any self-development goals come true.


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