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Custom Technology essay samples

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Acceptable Use Policy essay

In order to make the use of computers and the related technology that goes with it useful and beneficial for the school community, then an Acceptable Use Policy has to be developed to safeguard the safety and interests of all the users and ...

Advancement in Technology essay

Mankind has always displayed his skills technology. Since the earliest civilization technology has been there and the difference with the present time being that there has been continuous improvement in the technologies which have been discovered. ...

Advances in Astronomical Technology essay

Statement of Purpose The purpose of this paper is to identify the significant events in the field of astronomy following the milestones set by Copernicus and Galileo. The milestones here refer to the discovery of earth’s rotation around sun by ...

An Eye Over the Chinese Industry essay

We are in the era of globalization, wherein the stance on any thing has an ultimate effect over the other things as well. The current era can be referred as the era of industrialization and entrepreneurship, as we have seen a remarkable performance ...

Analysis of an AHRQ Project essay

From September of 2004 till September of 2008 Paul Gorman of the North Lincoln Hospital conducted a project that was geared towards using information technology to improve mediation safety for the elderly in rural areas.  The primary concern ...

Astronomical Technology essay

Astronomy is defined as a natural science that explains the study of celestial objects and phenomena that comes from outside the atmosphere of the earth. The recent technological advances aim at opening up one area of Astronomy that has been poorly ...

Becoming more Energy Efficient essay

Conserving water wisely in the kitchen and bathroom will be one of the lifestyle changes to consider. Much of the water that I usually take for granted and waste will be targeted in my new environment conservation strategies. Because (90%) energy ...

Bluetooth essay

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which is used for creating personal networks and operates in the 2.4GHz unlicensed band through a range of not more than 10 meters. These networks are usually formed from portable devices like cellular phones, ...

Canon EOS 450D Digital SLR Camera essay

Overview of Technology: The word “technology” comes from the Greek technologia, whose roots are techne, meaning art or skill, and logos meaning word or story; Technolgia means the systematic treatment of technikos (art object or ...

Changes in Elementary School Education essay

The field of technology education over the last twenty or so years has made fundamental changes at both middle and high school levels especially in the United States. Many schools have developed curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the ...

Communication Methods and Practices essay

Technology is rapidly advancing; various areas in the world are implementing it to improve the efficiency of fields. The justice system is no exception, and it is trying to integrate technology to reduce the amount of workload and at the same time ...

Computer Forensic Examination and Investigation essay

Computer forensics has been defined as a much more advanced process than data recovery. According Walker (2010), “computer forensics is the legally accepted practice of preserving and analyzing pertinent digital information”. This means ...

Computer Information System essay

Question 1: Explain the Terms A. Byte: A byte is an arrangement of adjacent binary digits that are operated on by a computer. These binary digits are eight in number. Most computers use bytes to represent characters such as a letters, numbers and ...

Computer Tress-pass essay

This essay entails answers to a set of questions which are aimed at making it clear on how a social website should be developed without risking getting engaged in detailed lawsuits. What did Bidder's Edge do that was different than eBay's normal ...

ConfigSafe: Description and Significant Features essay

ConfigSafe is one of the third-party utility programs that can be used as a configuration tracker and utility software for system running on Windows (LAN 1999).  ConfigSafe is useful to administrators it can be used to record system ...

Convergence of IT Technology essay

It is known that convergence is coming together of two or more separate units or phenomena. Convergence is gradually increasing in prevailing in the IT globe. IT industry is facing the convergence where there is the combination of more than two ...

Cross Site Scripting essay

Cross Site Scripting is also referred as XSS; it’s a form of security vulnerability in computers which takes place when a web application collects data normally collected in the form of a hyperlink which has been injected with malicious ...

Cyber Security Checkpoint essay

Mark Ciampa (2004. pg. 2) defines internet security as the process through which a computer is protected from harmful attacks. The cyber world, convenient as it is, is not so safe. There are some tools that are designed to make it easier for a ...

Cyberspace Security Compliance essay

Jacket-X Corporation having been publicized on the New York Exchange (NYSE) is faced with the responsibility of ensuring that it complies with the rules and regulations of Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Even though compliance and responsibility appear to ...

Disaster Recovery essay

This paper seeks to explore the general operation of automated back up system, data storage back up on the internet and strategies to enhance internet data security. Towards this end, analysis on the necessary tools to facilitate a backup, ...

Downloading Music essay

Down loading music is the act of transferring of a song from the internet to the user’s computer. Going by the above description, it simply means one can access the copyright without paying anything or without the owner’s permission. The ...

E-mails essay

Although Emails are a vital tool for communication in today’s technological world, they expose users to security problems and viruses. Emails can infect one’s computer with viruses. This is especially if one receives email attachments. ...

Electronic Commerce Security Implementation essay

Anyone who has spent much of his/her time or money in online shopping ought to understand that for an ideal e-commerce site to succeed, it requires the following things: fast loading web-pages; wide-ranging inventory; an interface that is ...

Emerging Technologies in Health Care essay

Technological development is one of the major developments which have taken place in the healthcare services. Technological development in the field of healthcare is the major strategy that will lead to successful, safe, efficient and environmental ...

ENG202 Phase 3 DB essay

With the advent of modernization, cars have become one of the machines that almost every individual or family must have. With this phenomenon, it then becomes imperative that the owners find ways in which they can maintain these treasured ...

Global Warming and Canada?s Energy Policy essay

Introduction Global warming refers to when the earth heats up- temperature rises. It takes place when greenhouse gases- water vapor, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and methane- trap heat and light from the sun in the atmosphere of the earth which ...

Green Building essay

Green building is the art of constructing structures and using methods that are environmentally friendly and good use of resources available. From the place where the building is going to be located to its designing, constructing and maintenance ...

Harris Corporation essay

Harris Corporation (HRS) has the obligation of providing communication and information technology services to government, commercial clients, and defense around the world. The company was founded in 1916 and is currently based in Melbourne, Florida. ...

Hash Encryption (Using IPsec) essay

According to Newman (2003) “Hashing is not encryption, but actually a result from an algorithm” (p. 273). He continues to explain that data, a key, and algorithm are combined, and a fixed outcome is produced (p. 273). Hashing varies from ...

Health Information Technology essay

Health information technicians (HITs) are medical technicians who maintain the medical information system of a healthcare facility. They collect, analyze and integrate medical data related to research, planning, provision and evaluation of health ...

History of Ergonomics essay

Ergonomics is a discipline through which the interaction between humans and other systems can be understood. Through this study one can be able to properly organize his activities. Ergonomics has been there since the origin of species. This is ...

I-Phone Company essay

Marketing is a term used in business it refers to the act whereby an organization strives further to improve its sales through the promotion of its commodities. This is achieved through market research and distribution of goods and services to ...

I-Phone Work essay

How did the U.S. Lose Out on iPhone Work? Labor is cheap outside America. The Apple Company executives believe that large scale overseas companies pose flexibility, skills in the industry and diligence therefore, outpacing America. The relevant ...

Impact of National Culture on E-commerce essay

The aim of the study was to assess the impact of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions on the adoption of E-commerce in two countries i.e. USA and Canada. The cultural parameters evaluated included individualism, power distance, long term ...

Implementing a Web Server essay

We are in the era of capitalization, where the stance of the industrialization and entrepreneurship is quite significant and high. The essence of complications and discretions are quite common in the businesses' sectors too. The essence of Computer ...

Improvement in Information Retrieval Techniques essay

Q. 1. Ways in which improvements in information retrieval techniques support business searches for relevant intelligence in large volumes of textual documents. Improvement in information retrieval techniques such as Text Mining support business ...

India Information Development essay

Technology transfer is defined as a process of changing research into economic development, it is a process where new application to improve the existing technology are introduced and licensing intellectual property to a manufacturer for production ...

Installing and Supporting I/O Devices essay

Even though Firewire was initially introduced by Apple PC, it was later standardized by IEEE 1394.  It has become one of the most appropriate serial interfaces between computers and high speed peripherals. Peripherals using Firewire bus use ...

Internet in the Modern World essay

The impact of the Internet in the modern world is overwhelmingly immeasurable. Over the last decade, there has been an enormous explosion in the internet use across the world. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that personal computers and ...

Introduction to the Design essay

Professional presentation has three basic laws that guide the process according Doumont. In the first law, Doumont notes different types of audiences and urges a presenter to adapt, control what is in a presenter’s power, and finally calls for ...

Intrusion-Detection System essay

Intrusion Detection System is a software device that is used in monitoring network activities for any malicious practices or violation of policy and gives reports to the management station. It deals with detection of any possible incidents, tries ...

iPhone 4S essay

It is evident that the emergence of new technologies has drastically changed the lifestyles of millions peoples’ across the globe. This growth can be attributed to unrelenting effort by the technological companies to invest in area of research ...

Laboratory Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique essay

Before commencing on the actual PCR process, it is eminent that one understands the initial processes applied in the production of the components and chemicals required in the technique. It is also crucial that the safety procedures and proper ...

Less Lethal Weapons essay

There has been a growing increase in the use of technology of less lethal weapons  among nations in the recent past. This is a technology that takes into consideration the life of a criminal with the aim of disablling a criminal and warranting ...

Linux Security essay

1.0 Introduction The development of Linux operating system was designed with a strong focus on security. The open source nature and capability of Linux operating system allows administrators, auditors, developers and end users to review its ...

Machines vs. Human Workers essay

In the recent past, technology has evolved to such an extent that human labour has either been replaced either partially or completely by machines. People, companies and organizations have turned to research on machines as a possible replacement ...

Macroergonomics essay

According to Hendrick and Kleiner (2002), “Macroergonomics is a perspective, a methodology, and a recognized sub-discipline of ergonomics/human factors” (p.3). This essentially involves the application of human system interface ...

Membrane Materials essay

Membrane materials could be both natural and synthetic and are basically used for separation processes where the driving forces are pressure and concentration gradients. The separation process is referred to as filtration. Separating membrane is a ...

Mobile Phone Technology essay

In the last decade, mobile phone technology has increasingly advanced to include features that allow their users varied data manipulation procedures, among a host of other application. The mobile phone industry has changed drastically turning ...

Motorola Inc. Case Study essay

Describe the salient opportunities and threats that exist in Motorola’s external environment. Opportunities The company’s venturing into production of digital entertainment devices, voice and data communication systems and enterprise ...

Multimedia and Mass Storage ? Raid Explained essay

RAID or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks is basically method that combines multiple hard disks into a single logical unit for attaining high availability, better performance, and greater resilience in comparison to a single disk drive. Benefits ...

My Favorite Mechanically Engineered Device essay

A computer is my favorite mechanically engineered device. This is because of its numerous features that make it user friendly and supports multi-tasking. It has various applications that favor the user depending on the task and requires to be ...

Nanophotonics Chips essay

Nanophotonics chips might be the next latest technology if what was displayed in Chiba, Japan is anything to go by. IBM experts have come up with technology that combines electrical and optical system on one piece of silicon making it possible for ...

New Textile Research essay

A Japanese company has unveiled a lightweight fabric that will offer firefighters protection in their exposure to extremely high temperatures. The company Teijin Techno Products Ltd in collaboration with Akao Co Ltd has launched its newly developed ...

Online Relationships essay

The world will live in today has totally revolutionalized into one little space where we can communicate with people who are several miles away from us in a very easy way. The traditional methods of relating which required physical touch and ...

Optical Comparators essay

Optical comparators are instruments that project a magnified image or profile of a part on to a screen to enable it to be compared to a standard overlay profile or scale. They are non-contact devices that function by producing magnified image of ...

Optical Mesh Networks essay

Optical mesh networks are a kind of communications network. Convey networks, the fundamental optical fiber supportive layer of communications networks, have come from DCS (Digital Cross of connect Systems) which is found on mesh ...

Planning Database Creation essay

Databases are the center of our economy and it usage is widely spread in our daily life. For instance every piece of personal information is stored in a database such as medical records, employment history, bank accounts, pensions, college grades ...

Printed or Electronic Books essay

Electronic books or eBooks are digital equivalents of conventional printed books and can be read one personal computers using eBooks readers (Articlesbase). Their history traces back to the project Gutenberg that was initiated by Michael Hart in ...

Respiratory System essay

In biochemistry respiration refers to the ability of the body to utilize oxygen as the final electron acceptor in the oxidative phosphorylation, where the electron transfer chain in the mitochondria generates ATP (Adenosine triphosphate); which is ...

Securing the Cyber Environment essay

The internet has become a leading tool in the manner which modern communication is carried out. This trend was unimaginable in just over two decades ago when the technology was still in its formative stages. Now it has use almost in every place we ...

Smart Card Technology essay

Since its invention, smart card solutions that have remained to be very essential in addressing various needs in the society. With the development of the smart card technology, a number of areas such as telecommunication, security banking just to ...

Social Change Versus Legal Change essay

Technology is dynamic, and as it changes it creates loopholes for crime. Moreover, various problems crop up, which call for either drafting of new legislations or amending the existing ones. This is done to eliminate as well as reduce the problems ...

Software Security Incidents Report essay

In present day computing world, new and unique security threats emerge on a daily basis. To be on the safe side, one must be in a position to identify potential and major threats. One also needs to understand how to go about countering them. This ...

Technology and Communication essay

The present day technological development and improvements had numerous positive effects on the communication abilities of various criminal databases. It is now essay to exchange information between databases or share information about criminals and ...

Technology and Its Effects on Communication essay

Technology is a system of information processing that is changing continually with an objective of offering better means of living. Over the last decade, there has been a great deal of research in the sector of computer-mediated communication. A ...

Technology and Its Impacts essay

Technology is a branch of knowledge that comprises the development and usage of machines, tools, systems, techniques, and crafts in order to perform specific functions or solve complex problems. This term can be applied to specific areas such as ...

Technology and its Relevance to the World Flattening Process essay

The world as it is today is virtually a flat surface upon which all the activities are conducted in a near similar fashion. This is to mean that the contemporary era has been heavily characterized by globalization. Technological supremacies and any ...

Technology in Criminal Justice essay

According to the criminal jurisdiction, it as a system of releasing on suspended sentence during good behavior shown by young persons, and especially first offenders, and placing them under the supervision of a probation officer, who acts as a ...

Technology Solutions for Human Services essay

Barriers in Human Services The aspect planning forms a key criterion in the provision of human technology services as seen in different circumstantial situations. Planning initiatives have been previously used to postulate consistency in the ...

The Dangers of Cell Phones essay

Since the development of the cell phones, there is a debate concerning their impact on psychological and physical conditions of a person. The majority of researchers come to conclusion that cell-phones hide many dangers often neglected by ...

The Effect of Technology in our Society essay

The effect of technology in our society continues to amaze everyone. Technology has improved everyday as man seeks ways of improving their lifestyle. But there is a raging debate on the role of man in the ever increasing technological world. In the ...

The Outsourcing essay

Outsourcing for advertisement refers to contracting out of advertisement. Here, two companies enter into contractual agreement that involves one company offering out advertisement plan to another company. This means that the company outsourcing ...

The Persian Gulf War essay

The History of the Gulf War has a great number of components. It basically involves the conflict in the Persian Gulf. These include internal decision making strategies as well as diplomatic, economic, and conventional military actions. This briefing ...

The Technology of World essay

In the technology world, there has been considerable progress especially in line with computers. Each day there are new developments in the computer world starting with the components of the computer and the cost. Every new development will have an ...

The Website essay

The website................... is mainly designed to act as the main link between the professionals at GHD and the global clients. This is with an overall aim of assisting the global society realize its potential as well as create a lasting value ...

Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional essay

This paper examines troubleshooting Windows XP Professional. As the paper illustrates, there are two main categories of problems that can affect the functioning of a system/computer; software and hardware problems. In addition to these two, other ...

TV Service in Backseats of Cars essay

Successful marketing depends on correct identification of consumer needs, developing a product that satisfies those needs, making marketing communications about the product to consumers, delivering the product, and exchanging the product with the ...

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythene essay

Ultra high molecular weight polythene also known as UHMW-PE is a division of the thermoplastic polythene. It contains long chain with its molecular weight numbering in millions. The purpose of longer chains is to transfer the load efficiently to ...

MS Word essay

The world of computing has given rise to the development of numerous documents that differ from another. One of such document is the compound document. This type of document is often used to refer to any file that that has been created by a word ...

Video Sharing essay

When video sharing was started The art of developing online videos is basically sharing and reusing the digital videos and this trend has been growing in popularity each day since its inception because it is the most effective tool for gaining ...

Web Services Reliability essay

The creation of web services have significantly changed the manner in which communication in the internet is carried out between various communications devices. Before the development of web services, there was a lot of difficult in establishing ...

Website Design essay

Jacci Howard Bear (1997) defines website design as a form of electronic publishing. Website design involves arrangement of a website page or several website pages to give an aesthetic feel and most importantly enable navigation processes. ...

Who Killed the Electric Car? essay

In this video, the director aims at establishing the critical factors that led to the sudden failure of the electric car concept of the General Motors christened ‘the EV1.’ The setting of the film primarily follows subsequent events that ...

Windows 7 vs Vista essay

In the past decade, Microsoft has been changing the OS for better, the evolution from windows XP to be a great achievement. At first, Microsoft went on some advancement to revolutionalize and to have a better operating system that has features that ...

Windows Vista Control Panel Options essay

The Windows Control Panel has been around ever since Windows 1.0. The Control Panel essentially gives the user control over almost every aspect of the computer from changing the way Windows looks to adding new hardware to the computer. Here are a ...

Wireless Communication essay

Through the years, technology has grown and grown. As time passes by, it needs to meet the changing times and circumstances of a certain period. It is an everlasting growing of a plant, just like a beanstalk. As compared to a beanstalk, one will say ...

Wireless Networks essay

            Wireless networks based on 802.11 (802.11b, 802.11g) standards normally transmit their signal in a radio frequency range of 2.4 GHz. Many other electronics devices use the same frequency range, thus ...

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