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Free Custom «Radical Loving Care» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Radical Loving Care» Essay Paper


What is Radical Loving Care? Each and every caregiver in hospitals must be loving care for the patients and other co-workers. Leaders in the medical world are addressed to demonstrate the success in healing hospitals of todays.In health care organization the focus is the physical care. This care is provided in the ways of quality and safety. These quality and safety are achieved through the use of technology. It is easy to promote the hospital buildings, gardens, technology and artwork but lack of compassionate care culture affects the position of Physician nurse and healing hospital.

Strong culture of compassionate depends upon the principles of Radical Loving Care. The health care workers are taught about the philosophy of healthcare and radical loving. Radical loving Care promotes the healing of patients who does not provide only the physical care needs of patients but also their spiritual and emotional needs. Physician Nurses are selected on the principle that how they display a passion for others and desire to go the extra mile to help the others. At Mercy Gilbert a compassionate culture is based upon the Radical Loving Care.

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Physician Nurses care the community including the patients, their families, other members and ourselves. At the Adventist Health relentless pursuit of the quality care is the top priority for the Physician Nurses. Nurses do the job of changing the bed sheets to most technical aspects of surgery. These jobs are provided to patients with great care to ensure the physical, mental and spiritual needs of patients entering the Hospital. Feather River Hospital has established a Cancer Center in Paradise and is accredited by the American College of Surgeons.

It was due to the radical loving care of the physicians and staff who dedicated to their patients. The quality standard services are the evidence of the accreditation as the Cancer Center. At the Adventist Health Hospital physician nurses have demonstrated a commitment to quality. Marissa McKnight a physician nurse works at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles; thanked her coworker's cooperation for her sister's timely treatment. Her sister needed the urgent blood and an emergency room nurse surprised to say that enough blood was available.


In this paper we have discussed the concept of the Radical Loving Care and role of a Physician nurse with examples. Examples have provided the evidence about the Radical Loving Care. Role of nurses demonstrate the best show to prove their performance in a healing hospital.


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