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Free Custom «The Major Healthcare Problem in the USA» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Major Healthcare Problem in the USA» Essay Paper

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of uninsured people in the US. Most of these people are those that are aged. Two to three centuries back, most of the people that were dying were the young people which meant that there were very few aging people to worry about. However, due to medical, surgical and other advances made in the field of medicine and related fields, the numbers of aging people in the carry has increased tremendously. If many people are uninsured and they live longer, the burden of the services that will be required for these aged people will be very great on the government. The government currently spends a lot of funds in providing these services to the old people.  Due to this, there is a need to develop proper ways to insure most people and take care of the welfare of the old and aging people in the society. I believe the following three ways can be very useful in achieving this.

1. Aging prevention

The government should invest more on projects that are meant to reduce or completely prevent the aging process. This will make it possible for more people to continue working despite their age and hence an increase in the number of people insured.

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2.Disease prevention and self-care

The government should develop proper methods to ensure that the citizens are well informed about how to prevent the normal and avoidable diseases. The government should also sensitize people on the importance of self-care. These two will ensure that most people fall ill less often hence reduction in the cost of health services needed.

3.Improve services for aging people

The government should also make sure that the healthcare centers have the required facilities and expertise to handle the aging people and the common problems and diseases related to aging.


If the above solutions are followed and properly implemented, then they will help in the reduction of this big problem in the healthcare sector of the country.



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