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Free Custom «Doctors, Magicians and Priests» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Doctors, Magicians and Priests» Essay Paper

Ancient Egypt is believed to be the beginning of modern medicine. Magicians, Doctors and priest were all tangled in health-giving. This group of people was expected to be involved in the restoration of health even though there was an expectation of maltreatment in their endeavors to heal the nation through faults of inclusion or exclusion. In ancient Egypt a doctor was also referred to as a physician. Nevertheless the early Egyptian doctor new very little about modern surgery but had a general wide knowhow of therapy medicine which was also a common phenomena with the priests and magicians. They also shared other traits such as motherly care and involvement in dietary practice. (grotte, 2000)

The early priests of Egypt the main practitioners of magic. Religion in Ancient Egypt like all other religions had their believe in the beginning of creation in which everything was animated. They believed that magic was the genesis of all creation and everything was as result of continual sustenance of magic. Magical power was believed to come from the gods and was acquired by the people for the service of the gods. (Simpsom, 2003)

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The main difference as perceived in the people of ancient Egypt was Magicians were the agents of change while on the other hand priests were viewed to be the intermediary between the people and the gods. Hence, in ancient Egypt religion and magic was intertwined in that through magic things happened but the gods were the ones involved in the actual occurrence of everything. (william simpson, 1972)another distinct difference was that magic was goal-oriented in that any magic performed was geared towards a specific objective while prayer on the other hand, was based on the fact that believe was sufficient and thus did not have to be based on a specific objective. (.standing-ovations, 2010)

Generally doctors, priests and magicians in ancient Egypt had no clear distinction in their roles but only a few distinctions in character and how people perceived them.


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