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Free Custom «Time Profile» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Time Profile» Essay Paper

Time Profile

When it comes to devising ways or strategies to be successful in life, one has lot of introspection to be done. The self realization enables oneself to find out what are the possible inhibitions to ones goals. The good news is that through practice we can assure our success by working on them. We can obtain good results from good habits. These habits can be inculcated through persistent effort. A very significant habit to pursue is “time management”.

Time if utilized properly, can do wonders. People who know how to make the best use of the available time can always make their dreams come true. There are various ways through which we can keep our acts and the time spent on them in control.


This activity involves allotment of time separately for estimating and regulating the sequence in which we are going to accomplish our tasks in future. It can cater to our day to day work or the monthly engagements or the annual commitments. The importance lies in the time we save when we plan our work.

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After analyzing how planning can save me from looking into various trivial jobs, I have thought of carrying a small diary in my purse whenever I go to office. This will help me jot down every small idea and work that has to be taken care of, the whole day. I can finish two jobs at the same time if they are related or seek same requirements. Like, if I have to buy some grocery, I can very well give my iron box for repair at the nearby shop. There are many tasks which can be done when we are waiting for something else to get over. The waiting time can be utilized when we are prepared for it beforehand. This is a very useful idea when we have learnt the art of planning.

As we all office-goers have to perform the best at the workplace, and be perfect at home as well, we have to set our priorities right and be ready to handle it in a balanced way. Many of my colleagues have cultivated the habit of achieving a work-life balance through proper use of time and practical executable plans. One of my friends pays all her bills online when she is traveling by the office cab and there is another acquaintance who takes a nap while returning from office so that she is fully charged up when she returns home and can look after her kids, spend ample time with them and guide them in their studies.


Postponing things to the maximum limit is quiet common to all. I mostly keep a lot of work aside for my weekends because I find myself too occupied with my project deadlines and work schedules. This doesn’t ease my tension but virtually satisfies me that I am not missing anything. “I will do it someday” is the thought that hovers on my mind almost all the time. And finally on weekends I am too burdened and the desire to take some time out for relaxing and grooming myself exists parallely. Eventually neither I am able to finish the scheduled work no do I have time for myself. This invites anxiety and the confidence to accomplish all tasks shatters.

After going through the Time Mastery Profile, I have realized that even though some task require a lot of effort or are pensive in nature, I will take them up and complete some portions of them on a daily basis. This will ease me of the guilt of not acting on those tasks and gradually I will get off the habit of delaying most of the work assignments.

Team Time

I being the team lead of a project always find that there is lot that can be done to save the time on doing repetitive tasks and negating possibilities of mistakes to the maximum. I find employees can be retained and should not be lost due to trivial company policies. This ascertains that no time is spent in training new recruits again and again.

Further weekly sessions on sharing the know-how of the latest techniques evolved and the upcoming research accomplished by individuals can take place so that each and every team member is aware of all the project related changes that are happening all the time. Roles and responsibilities can be shared on round robin basis so that all the members are always ready to take any responsibility that comes upfront.


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