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Custom Argumentative essay samples

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Advertising: Information or Manipulation? essay

Is advertising the definitive way to make us informed in our daily decision making or is it just an exceptionally authoritative kind of mass deception that companies use to persuade their consumers and prospects into buying their services or ...

Aging and Gerontology essay

One of the things that would be considered a core conclusion from across the readings and class session pertinent to service delivery for older adults is providing for hospice care and health needs of the older adult. Apparently the process is ever ...

Alcohol Age Limit essay

Unfortunately the world is not contained in four walls and the emotions felt on graduation day are not the same ones you feel weeks later when parents’ phone rings at 2:00 in the morning and the voice on the other end says “I am sorry ...

Alcohol Consumption essay

Eighteen may be the age of adulthood or independence but it is not the age of reason, responsibility, maturity, or discernment. An adult under the age of 21 should not be able to legally consume alcohol, nor should they be able to vote, enlist in ...

Animal Minds essay

What does an animal mind look like. Are they like us? Are they conscious beings with emotionally and mentally complex minds? Or are they primitive beings that act out of necessity?  The following essay will analyze the many arguments that are ...

Anti-Smoking Campaigns essay

Tobacco smoking involves burning of tobacco and tasting or inhaling the vapor produced. Tobacco is an agricultural product, which is often mixed with other additives, and then it is pyrolyzed, producing vapor that when inhaled, some substances may ...

Argue about Moral essay

Morals among people in the society are some of the important issues which are esteemed for a mutual or rather cohesive existence of human beings. In consistent with this, different societies across the globe have developed their moral system which ...

Arguments for Capital Punishment essay

It makes sense it is against human rights to subject anyone to life imprisonment because in prison, there is an exposure to diseases. When infected, there is less attention in terms of medication. It is better that prisoners are punished there and ...

Arguments of Authority essay

Introduction Arguments from authority focus on arguments that have conclusions supported by authority. The argument has its basis on authority. The strength and weakness of the support depends on the quality of authority in question.  No person ...

Case Questions essay

Question 1 I find it hard to agree with the statement that money buys happiness. The assertions that money buys happiness have been around for quite some time and has motivated many people to enter into pursuit of money at the expense of their ...

Child Abuse essay

Child abuse is not just bruises and broken limbs. It is the mistreatment of children physically, emotionally, or sexually. Mistreatment amounts to any act by a caregiver that is harmful, or potentially harmful to the well being of the child. ...

Confrontation and Conflict essay

Frappier states that we need other people to confront us so that we can perform a cross examination on ourselves. Conflict and confrontation from other people as a basis of changing or learning ideas depends on the view point that people hold. Other ...

Consultation for Leaders in Management essay

Organizations all over the world are encouraging a shift from a management perspective to a leadership perspective instilled through team building so as to solve inflexibility and quicken decision-making. In this essay therefore, empowerment, ...

Cultural Heritage essay

By understanding our collective cultural heritage, we become more aware of other cultures and respect those people practices different cultures from our own (Whitt, 2009).  This helps individuals to embrace such cultures and stop dehumanizing ...

Diversity in Airplane Travel essay

Introduction The paper is from a writer who is advocating on behalf of the overweight air travelers whom he/she states that they are being unfairly overcharged due to their status. The writer explains that people should have sympathy on them so that ...

Drug Use essay

Introduction It is extremely beneficial for any pregnant woman to lead a healthy life particularly free from the use of drugs. A pregnant woman needs to feed on plenty of nourishing food, get enough rest, and participate in physical exercise daily. ...

Employee Relations in the Public Sector essay

To begin with, employee relations in the public sector have from a general point been ridden by conflict for some time. In essence, employee relations is a term used as a substitution of the word industrial relations of which in this case it refers ...

Equality between Races and People essay

Introduction America has always been regarded as a free and a democratic country where everyone has the right to do what he or she is right. Throughout the world, people have believed that America is the land of opportunity where everyone has an ...

Gender and Poverty essay

“Gender is not just about women, and poverty is not just about income” (S. Chant, 2010). In actual, it is not the case as stated in the statement above. When the word poverty comes in our mind, the only thing which comes in our mind is ...

Generation Y essay

Introduction Before starting our arguments about ambitions of Generation Y it is necessary to understand that which generation is Generation Y. People from different domains of life consider all those people in the domain of Generation Y or Yers who ...

Genetically Modified Foods essay

Genetically modified foods have raised great debate attracting polarized views and opinions.  Genetically modified foods are plants or animals which are consumed by either animals or humans and whose genetic configuration has been altered in ...

Human Resource essay

Employers of different organizations seek to see unique qualities in individuals aspiring to work in their organization and thus look at: their interpersonal skills, verbal skills, persuasiveness, tact, candidness, and personal traits (persistence, ...

Internet Security essay

To protect you computer and network from the risk of Intentional network based attacks and cyber threats (data theft, identity fraud and Hacking) and also malicious software such as viruses, Trojan horse, spyware and adware. One should always ensure ...

Is Gay Adopting Right essay

Introduction This paper is an argumentative essay on gay adopting rights. Gay adopting rights refers to a form where there is a joint adoption by same sex couple (males) adoption by one partner of a same sex couple of the other's biological child ...

Justifiable War essay

The 20th and the 21st century are among the periods in history which has experienced the worst wars ever, considering the fact that these war occurred on the verge of technological development. From the past to the recent years, the world has ...

Legalization of Marijuana essay

The legalization of marijuana is a critical issues the has the attention of politicians, doctors, and the public at large. Due to the negative effects of consumption of marijuana, it has for a long time been a burned drug in many countries world ...

Love is a Battle Field essay

Many people have asserted that love is a battle field where various emotions are traded. It is this combination of emotions in any love relationship, be it love between persons, bodies or nations that make it a battle field that must be fought by ...

Marijuana essay

Marijuana has been considered as one of the most used recreational drugs in the US. One of the most fascinating things about this drug is the fact that most of those who use it in America are law abiding citizens who usually take it to get high. ...

Mentally Disabled Students essay

Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, (2010), explain that mental disability is any of the "numerous circumstances that affect a human being" (Deppeler, Harvey, & Loreman, 2010, pp. 46). It is a condition that is characterised by the impairment of ...

More Police are Neded in the State of Illinois essay

To begin with, the State of Illinois is one of the states of United States whereby security is very highly valued. This is to suggest that the State has a good network of police force that is committed to the duty of maintaining order and security ...

Myth and Reality essay

Introduction: The ancient people were a wise lot and they are responsible for handing over their knowledge and ideologies to present day generations. During the ancient ages, science had not developed to the extent and depth that it has developed ...

Obligations essay

Obligations Children are considered to be the most vulnerable group in our societies. They are prone to be abused sexually, emotionally and physically either by their peers, guardians and parents (American School Counselor Association, ...

Policing in Chicago essay

Introduction: The main idea of community policing is to dramatically decrease the rate and incidence of crimes and make the society of a crime free zone.  There could be numerous barriers in the matter of policing since this calls for a joint ...

Principle of Utility essay

Introduction The article "A Critique of Utilitarianism" whose author is William Bernard has been considered as being a definitive work that rejects the principle of utility. In this article, William argues that the principle of utility concerns ...

Pro-Immigration Argument essay

Illegal immigrants are those who migrate into from their own county of residence to another without permission. There is always a legal ground to be followed to get access to any country as this tend to improve security in those particular ...

Prostitution essay

For many people, the slightest idea leading to the fact that prostitution ought to be legalized is received with very harsh arguments. As a matter of fact, the argument that prostitution should be legalized not only leads people into getting ...

Prostitution Should Be Legalized essay

Introduction Armentano (2) defines prostitution as simply the practice or the act of engaging in sexual acts to gain money. For a very long time controversy has surrounded as whether this, arguably the world’s oldest profession should be ...

Protect Yourself essay

Legislation has recently been introduced into the House Of Representatives of Texas that involves concealed licensed firearms to be carried within the college campuses. The bill which was brought into the floor of the house by the rep. Joe Driver ...

Quantitative Research Questions essay

Quantitative research applies scientific methods to investigate the empirical relationships between different phenomena. It studies numerical data in a formal, systemic and objective manner to understand such relationships. The objective is to ...

Rapists Should Face Tougher Punishments essay

Rape refers to any sexual assault that involves sexual intercourse against another person without his/her consent. Rape is an element of the offense of genocide in cases where people do it with the intentions of destroying in whole or in part, a ...

Reality Television essay

Introduction The reality TV seems to have become the buzzword of this days as every network has them right from the network to the cable and its looks like sits its what everybody is talking about these days. Reality television is literary ...

Revealing True Character essay

True character can only be upheld by an individual with the highest faculties of honesty. Being honest does not mean being a hypocrite in the light to convince the world that one is clean while when away the honesty is surpassed by dishonesty. It ...

Sex Offenders on Social Networking Sites essay

Presently, more than ever, we are all exposed to new kinds of people each time we sign in to our social networking profiles at Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter—we regularly put our lives out in the public eye. However, did you know that our ...

Should America Legalize Illegal Immigrants essay

In the recent past, illegal immigration in America has been on the increase. Illegal immigration refers to the act of people from foreign countries contravening the policies and national laws of immigration of another country by entering or staying ...

Should Pornography Be Restricted by Law? essay

In today’s dynamic and technological advancements it is possible to predict much more the next phase of phonographic exposure in our societies. Pornography has been in existence for a long period of time.  The definition of pornography ...

Single Schools for Boys and Girls essay

The arguments on whether boys or girls should have their own colleges have been there seen time immemorial. Recent statistics carried out showed that, single schools perform better in almost every field whether academic related or co-curricular ...

Smacking Kids essay

First of all, it is necessary to start from the term “smacking”. Actually, it is a commonly accepted term for the mild hitting of children for the purpose of discipline. A lot of parents smack their children and believe that it will ...

Social Networking essay

Social networking is addictive and self control is important to help the people involved manage their time adequately. It has become apparent that many cannot find time to meet everyone they are related to in certain ways due to busy schedules. ...

Social Networking Sites essay

The twentieth century will remain in the minds of people as one of the periods that had tremendous changes especially in terms of technology. Globalization and in this regard the increase in interaction of people through trade has continued to be ...

Sontag: In Platos Cave essay

At the time when Sontag wrote her essay, people kept being continuously shown photos of atrocities, and this is true now more than ever before. What she said about the bars for a photo to shock us keep on increasing seems more and more true. Have ...

Spanish Empire essay

Introduction As the Spanish empire grew, the urge of expanding to other territories was inevitable. Missionaries were among the first Spaniards to arrive and explore the new world.  This interest had several motives. Spanish motives One of the ...

Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Drinks essay

Arkansas should be in the front line in support of the tax on sugary beverages in an effort to kick obesity out of the United States. This tax could provide revenues to boost the reforms in health care. This way, the economic problems of the ...

Teacher Tenure essay

Abstract The fact that the teacher tenure offers an assurance of lifetime employment remains a myth. Nevertheless, tenure is not only agreed union treaties to ceremonial due process but also a legal pledge set by the country. This process gives a ...

Terrorism and War essay

The policy on terrorism and war designed by United States of American depicts that the war against terrorism is a long term war and the boundaries of this war are nowhere. The terrorist communities are residing in those areas of different nations ...

The Argument about Piercing essay

Piercing is the act of puncturing or cutting part of human body with the aim of creating an opening in which jewelleries are won. In the current times, individuals are becoming more and more fashion conscious. Piercing of bodies has in the ...

The Culture of Daily Life essay

Life presents different challenges and cultural difference in the present world is one of them; this means that there will always be expected or unexpected disputes among home, family and friends. Caroll, 1990 in the book "Cultural ...

The Decision of Abortion essay

The topic of abortion has long remained a taboo for the world due to ethical and theological reasons. In some countries abortion is prohibited, while in some it is not allowed after 15 weeks (Hadley, A. 2004), and in others it is allowed. There is ...

The Myth of Global Chaos essay

Reading Summary on the Myth of Global Chaos Sadowski (1998) discusses the merit in arguments linking globalization to ethnic and cultural wars. He refers to American thinkers, who saw that the transfer of American values to the world would cause ...

The National Security essay

The national security has been an issue of great concern in the United States since the September 11. This is because of the damage that single attack inflicted in the U.S and the continued danger that is posed by terrorist operating within and ...

The Plight of the Poor essay

Introduction The plight of the poor in American, which has been highlighted for many years, has not been solved. In Los Angeles alone, more than 90,000 citizens have nowhere to call home. The poor continue to suffer yet the government continues to ...

The Public Graded Federal Bureau essay

Some of the specific items that should be listed on the report cards that are used to evaluate a federal bureaucracy are: in order to improve the accountability of the bureaucracy in various federal agencies a budget based on the performance should ...

The Rio Declaration essay

Introduction The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development came to being in 1992 after a meeting in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil that was attended by member nations of the United Nations. In 1993, poor countries managed to include in the ...

The Safety of Genetically Modified Food essay

What are genetically modified foods?  Probably to some, this term is new to them though some could have heard of it but don’t really know what it entails. They are foods that are produced through the application of the biotechnology. This ...

The Second Generation of Al Qaeda essay

Recruitment The manner in which Al Gaeda recruits is much less overt as compared to office recruitment. It uses social bonds based on the propaganda which contributes to mujahedin recruitment. A biography of 400 Islamic terrorists showed that ...

The Use of Technology essay

Advances in technology have been considered to minimize on time and energy use to perform a task. This has let to its introduction in almost every sector of people life. Even though I agree with its use in the banking, communication and higher ...

Three Qualities of My Choice essay

It is not worth to live just as a passing cloud, but what impacts one, can make in the lives of others. Essentially, virtues enhance character transformation and positive living, which are influenced by the environment we live in. Transforming our ...

Time Profile essay

Time Profile When it comes to devising ways or strategies to be successful in life, one has lot of introspection to be done. The self realization enables oneself to find out what are the possible inhibitions to ones goals. The good news is that ...

Training Methods essay

Training methods are essential in not only to sports personalities as they endeavor to be the best they can in their fields but also to individuals as they strain to acquire an athletic figure and lose fat. Training not only improves performance but ...

Travel alone/ With a Tour Group essay

Whenever summer time or season is in the offing, travelling plans are always under considerations, with the need to travel alone or to take a group tour ringing in the minds of many. The pros and cons of either of these decisions are known to be ...

Violation on Children Rights essay

Violation on children rights is a paper that is written targeting people who are well educated and working in the Non Governmental Organizations that help and assist women and children worldwide. The paper is well detailed in the aspects of ...

Volunteering essay

The term volunteering is sometimes thought to be synonymous with such works such as philanthropy and self-sacrifice therefore it implies that it requires a lot of dedication and more importantly it should be a conception of the heart. Although many ...

Wal-Mart Destroys America essay

Wal-Mart is a business organization that sells different goods and offer services to the American citizens. People have had many complains about Wal-Mart over time, and they have come up with a conclusion that it destroys America. There are many ...

War and the American Presidency essay

According to the constitution, the United States president is in charge of foreign affairs and relations. The president gets assistance from the state’s secretary to manage official agreements and matters of security. The president is also ...

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