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Free Custom «Discussion Essay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Discussion Essay» Essay Paper

1.    Proofreading

Proofreading is a skill that needs to be practiced so that it forms a habit and becomes entrenched in a person. Many people do not have the patience of sitting down to countercheck what they have written down to eliminate potential errors. Proofreading helps in the presentation of complete work that is devoid of misstatements. The failure to proofread one’s work can lead to huge financial losses like the ones mentioned in your example, which can reflect negatively on the individual employee or even the entire company and thus scare investors away from the company. Such errors can be directly attributed to recklessness or negligence of the person who makes them.

2.    Foreign Currency and Foreign Currency Symbol

Nigeria, a nation in Africa and one of the leading global producers of oil uses the Naira as their currency. It is represented by the symbol (%u20A6). One Nigerian Naira is approximately 0.0032 Dollars.

3.    Foreign Date and Time Formats

Ethiopia uses the 12-hour clock system. However, unlike other countries using the system, the commencement of a new day is not midnight. Instead, it is at dawn. This uniqueness does not end there; their dating system is also unique. They use what is known as the Solar calendar and their new year starts from around August 29th or 30th. However, the format is the day, month, and then year which is similar to most states in Europe but different from the United States. The challenge of using such as system is that any visitor is bound to be confused when he or she stays in the country for a short while. It can make a person lose track of time and dates.

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4.    Dressing Up Your Vocabulary

By making the statement, Stephen King simply advises writers to avoid the use of jargon. Contrary to what many people believe, jargon does not make one appear smarter. Instead, it only contributes to making the work more difficult to understand. In my personal writing, I would rather write in a simple and easy-to-understand language than use difficult words and lose the intended meaning.

5.    Using English Properly

I think he urged people to use proper English because of the potential benefits of doing so. I agree that there are numerous benefits of using English correctly including the ability to put across the intended message, sounding more professional, and avoiding ambiguity. With the aid of this class, I have become keener on how I use English to express myself both at the personal and professional level and I have therefore been able to avoid embarrassing errors.   


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