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Basic Essay Types All Students Must Know

Basic Essay Types All Students Must Know

Most students know how challenging it can be to complete an academic writing assignment if you are not familiar with essay types and if you are, to be honest, not a fan of writing. However, you shouldn't receive low grades just because you haven't learned basic essay types. This article is a perfect opportunity for you to discover the must-knows of essays and to leave all writing challenges behind.

Expository Essay

Whenever students come across the name of this essay type for the first times, they agree that they obviously need some essay writing help. However, it is not as horrible as you might think. In fact, this is probably the easiest essay type. The most complicated part of preparing expository essay is doing a research and gathering evidence to support your idea. Usually, the professors will ask you to write a comparison and contrast or cause and effect type. Below is the basic structure you must follow:

  • Thesis statement. A reader should be able to find it at the end of the introduction. In this sentence, you make a statement to explain the key message of the essay and present your major arguments.
  • Body paragraphs. Here, you discuss the topic in detail. Provide strong evidence (examples from scholarly sources, statistics, dates etc.) to support the statement you made in the introduction. Each body paragraph must be dedicated to one topic and be linked to the thesis statement. You must pay attention to transitions between paragraphs to make your essay coherent and logically built.
  • Conclusion. This is the last paragraph in which you summarize the key ideas of the essay.

Descriptive Essay

I guess its name is pretty self-explanatory because in such essays you have to describe something. However, don't be deceived by its apparent simplicity - there are still a lot of things to keep in mind. The purpose of this kind of writing is to make the reader imagine the object, process, or situation you are describing. However, it's really easy to get lost in your thoughts, so if you don't want your writing to be confusing, follow the tips below.

  • Create an essay outline. Brainstorming is the easiest and the most effective technique for this.
  • If you are describing an object, your focus shouldn`t be entirely on what you saw. Describe what you heard and smelled and your feelings, too. Think outside the box and your reader will definitely enjoy it.

Narrative Essay

When given a task to prepare a narration, you can act as a true writer because, in this essay, you will have to describe some story of your life. Not to make it a boring memoir, try to engage the reader. Here, you can be creative and use vivid images and complex writing techniques. A few things to remember:

  • Apart from an interesting plot, this essay should have a good description of the setting, characters, etc.
  • Although a simple narration, this essay must also have a purpose.
  • You can use 1st person perspective.

See? They are not as complicated as it seems. So get your laptop and start practicing because, as you know, practice makes perfect.

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