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Say Goodbye to Fake Friends

Say Goodbye to Fake Friends

A friend is the soulmate who can support and encourage us whatever happens without any moralizing. Sometimes, finding such a person is a rather challenging task, since in the present day world people tend to take care of their profits instead of human values. Usually, one can understand the essence of a close person only in a few years. Looking back at my past, I want to say farewell to my fake friends.

Dear `Friends,`

When I left my successful career a few years ago, most of you thought I was crazy and condemned my decision. When I told you that I wanted to explore myself and broaden my horizons, you told me I was wrong. According to your words, pursuing my dreams was nonsense. It is all right; I am not blaming you for not believing in me. I am not waiting for your excuses; I am just telling that a real friend would never say it.

Do you remember, my ostensible friends, how you talked behind my back judging my crazy plans? Are you surprised? Yes, I have heard all your useless conversations. You believed I was too idealistic or even dumb. Your gossips did not bother me. Your words that I have lost my mind only encouraged me to reach the heights of my cherished dreams. You said I was an idiot, and you could not even imagine how these words influenced me and my fate.

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I cannot deny the fact that at the very beginning, these words sounded heart-rending and gut wrenching. I could not realize your motifs mistakenly believing that you wanted to help me. However, soon I acknowledged that following your advice would be the greatest mistake of my life. You were concerned about money, statuses, power, and your place in society, while I wanted to explore the world, explore my place in it, and realize my aspirations. Following your words, I would never become a confident individual, and I am grateful for your participation.

Now I understand that you were protecting your personal fears. You just were afraid to act as I did. I realize pretty well how it is terrifying to start something new, unknown so far. As for me, your idea of success is fake. You think so much about money forgetting about cultivating the eternal human values.

Although my real friends could not fully understand the real motifs of my decision, they showed real support. You know, it is something that requires nothing in return. I did not have to provide them with the explanations or excuses. They offered their care and help whenever I needed it. They made be better, stronger, and more confident, and I will never forget their enormous contribution to my self-identity.

Also, during these years, I have made new friends. We are on the same wave since we have similar values and interests. They are wonderful people indeed; we are taking care of each other, not of our credit cards. By saying goodbye to my fake friends, I want to say goodbye to my past full of doubts and hesitations and get open to new dreams and perspectives.

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