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Books Every Man Should Read

Books Every Man Should Read

Reading is plunging into completely new worlds, escaping from reality, widening your knowledge, studying, or relaxing. There is definitely a huge list of books you should read.

List of the Must Read Books

  • The Giver
    This novel was very influential in its time. It won the Newberry Medal in 1994. This novel tells a story of a 12-year old boy who understands complex secrets that are hiding behind the community he lives in.
  • Steve Jobs
    It is a life story of Steve Jobs, which is based on dozens of interviews with the genius, as well as his close people.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
    One of the best books to read, this one takes you away to the core of the human behavior.
  • The Call of the Wild
    A story is centered on the dog during the times of the Klondike Gold Rush. It is stolen and sold and has to adjust to the turns that life brings.
  • White Teeth
    This novel reveals the contradictory and weird, sometimes funny and cruel aspects of life. It is about the imperialistic remains, cultural and racial tapestry in London.
  • The Fortress of Solitude is considered to be the first city and urban-oriented piece of literature full of street stories, graffiti, hip-hop, tagging, racism, and loyalty.
  • Infinite Jest is an exploration of the key questions why entertainment dominates the lives of people and what it is, in fact.
  • Dune takes place on another planet and tells a story of a boy who tries to make a dream true.
  • Less Than Zero is a good illustration of the lost generation. Drugs, sex and disaffection, which these people experience at a very young age, shape their future worlds and make them lose hope.
  • High Fidelity tells a story of a miserable music record store owner whose world perception changes after his girlfriends dumps him.
  • The Rider describes a sport race of 150km and is a book for those who adore bikes.
  • Lolita, a controversial story of Nabokov, about an old man who falls in love with a very young girl named Lolita.
  • Into the Wild is a story that proves the value of reading books and tells a compelling story of a man who abandoned his previous materialistic life, went into the mountains, and invented a new himself, and eventually died.
  • Freedom dwells on the underwater stones of liberty and reveals a moving and touching portrait of the modern time.
  • Modern Romance is a humoristic story about the new world of romantic relationships.
  • Brave New World tells about the utopian future that awaits humanity when people are no longer born, but genetically generated.
  • A People`s History of the United States is a novel about labor told by the working class of various races, religions, and genders.
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude reflects the comic and tragic aspects of human existence in this world on the example of the fictional Buend family.
  • 1984 is a masterpiece about the frightfulness of totalitarianism and rebels who are fighting against them.
  • The Kite Runner is a touching story about true childhood friendship between a poor and a rich.
  • Middlesex tells a story about genes mistakes and the life of a hermaphrodite.
  • Invisible Man describes a life of a man who grew up in a black community in the South and moved to NY where he became the main spokesman of the Harlem branch of "the Brotherhood".

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