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Research Paper Summary

The point of a research paper summary is to give the reader a concise idea of what the full paper is about, whether or not it is of interest to them, and which parts in particular will be of interest.

Apart from your professors, most of the people who read your paper will be doing so for their own research purposes and they will need to know quickly what bits of content are useful to them. The standard structure of a research paper helps guide readers to the sections that concern them, but the research paper summary is the most efficient guide.

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Writing a Research Paper Summary: Important Points

The summary should touch on the main sections of your actual research paper, including the rationale behind your study, the results, methodology, and important conclusions or questions that came up. It is also important for the summary to state your opinion on the topic (your thesis statement) and on the results from your data. If your paper is well organized, then putting together the summary is just a matter of taking the salient points from the introduction, methodology, results and conclusion/discussion, and editing them down to half a page.

Organize the research paper summary as you did the paper, introducing the topic first, providing your thesis statement, and then stating the methods used, the results, and your analysis and conclusions. The difficult part is to keep this section as brief as possible, but it is very important that you do this.

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The summary, or abstract, will be placed at the start of your document, before the introduction. Write the abstract once you have finished the paper itself, as it should only contain information and results that are in the document. Do not write it before you have finished the final section of your work, otherwise you risk including information that does not support your actual conclusions.

The summary should be in the past tense, in concise but readable language, and it should not exceed 300 words. Remember that this is a brief overview, so do not refer to specific items or pages within your research paper, and do not use jargon or overly technical terms. Anyone should be able to read the research paper summary out of the context of the following pages. This does not mean, however, that you can be lazy with the information you do include. Make sure that spelling, grammar, and any measurements of data mentioned are correct.

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