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Free Custom «Hispanic American Diversity» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Hispanic American Diversity» Essay Paper


Mexican-American speaks in English and Spanish to various degrees. This affected various companies as they have shifted friendly language in search of boosting their business by incorporating Spanish in such things as ATMs and checkout counters to ensure that they incorporate them (Shaeffer, 2006). Due to the existing language barrier, Bilingual Education is trying to break this deadlock. According to Shaeffer 2006, this is the largest subculture among the Hispanic culture and it cater for two third of the whole population. There exist different professionals in this group where they are seen incorporated in all the employment level. Political, they are mostly concerned with the debate that regards their borders and the effort that should be made to ensure that they are protected against illegal immigration. Their religion is mostly Roman Catholic. Socially they are mostly family oriented.


This is a Hispanic group though they speak in Portuguese language that has a lot of similarity with Spanish. Nevertheless, they are of late learning to speak English. They are economically poor especially due to cultural and language barrier which they are striving to overcome to ensure that they make an economic breakthrough. They profess Roman Catholic faith. They are very much tied with their family both directly and extended and tend to live communally. They are mostly involved in the politics of their own country (Gamergirl, 2008).

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Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans uses Spanish language though they are studying English. They are not economically stable making them mostly rely on aids for their living. They are stereotyped as the others of the Hispanic groups of being poor, though of late, they are working very hard to counter that. They are socially open and friendly therefore making them learn other languages easily. They are family oriented making divorce rate to be minimal (Gamergirl, 2008). They are Roman Catholics and politically, they hope one day to be rulers of themselves and detach themselves from United State rule.


They speak Spanish though a good number are well versed with English. They are economically stable in America than when they were in their country. Most of them profess Roman Catholic faith while the others have no religion. According to Gamergirl 2008, their family is matriarchal and they socially focus on the immediate family rather the extended one. Politically, they are involving themselves mostly with the US politics.


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