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Free Custom «Strategic Pay» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Strategic Pay» Essay Paper

In the interest of accuracy, perhaps, it should be observed that the world is on the threshold of another economic revolution. Revolution in social and economic structure is hardly new or unusual. History records an endless parade of change in these dimensions. The most recent revolution was the industrial revolution, the same revolution that introduced the

routine of factory and repetitive assembly-line work. It is, indeed, this very industrial revolution that has now run its course and is giving way to a dominant service economy.

The lengthy reign of predictable stability in the industrial revolution's supporting social structure has habituated Western man to the 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM routine of isolated labor wherein social exchange was dismissed as wasteful and inefficient. The ideal factory worker was mute, perfect of hearing, but incapable of anything better than a nod or hand sign to acknowledge the boss' instructions.

Basically speaking it is undeniably that in the field of business and economy there should be enough focus that is given to customer service in order to expand in production. In the layman terms in the business management sector, production is defined as the act of making goods and services available for market consumption. Hence the failure to invest on customer service associates and if the same are put into disregard, greater problems will arise. Hence, in order to provide optimum service to the customers and increase the profitability, it must be noted that every employee be given credits and bonuses when they are being commended for a job well done.

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Meaning to say, when a customer has been satisfied, it will be helpful if little tokens of appreciation will be distributed. This should not always be expensive but enough to boost the morale of the employees and encourage them to do better the next time. Also, it will be helpful if the employees are being provided with several allowances such as transportation and meal allowance to ensure that they will do everything to pay their gratitude to the benefits they have.


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