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Free Custom «Political Parties & Interest Groups "Answering the Question"» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Political Parties & Interest Groups

The still vital center: Moderates, Democrats and the Renewal of American Political report by William A. Galston and Elaine C. Kamarck coins three arguments which impose the claim that there are three structural features of the political system that reduce the influence of moderates in contemporary politics. Therefore the thesis is presented in three basic premises:

            First, moderates are an essential component for building a Democratic majority. Therefore; the assertion means that Democrats cannot win a state wide majority without having a supreme majority amongst the moderates nationwide (Galston & Kamarck, 2011). Going by this claim Democrats can easily win an election by energizing its base that is mainly composed by moderates since conservatives out number liberal though both are dwarfed by moderates.

            Second, the moderates are not liberals. Moderates have very distinctive reflections and policy inclination. Therefore, a claim stating that moderates are liberals in a camouflage and that they are conservative in approach is a false (Galston & Kamarck, 2011). Another analogy used to explain this group is that they are independents to some degree. However, statistics have shown that only 47 % of moderates are independents and 43% vice versa (Galston & Kamarck, 2011). Their political traits and attributes differ essentially consequently; can be best described as moderates as such.

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            Lastly, the current political system and process is untailored for moderates. The current political system is developed to reward candidates whose political background inclinations are suited to the political extreme (Galston & Kamarck, 2011). Moreover, the political structures and procedures in America from the primaries to the congress put moderates at a disadvantage therefore cannot be considered as equals in the political system of America.

In conclusion the long term interests of Democrats are intertwined with that moderates interest. Therefore, the democrats must champion the views of the moderates to level the playing field to the stage where they can easily and fully engage in political system. This is so since the moderates compose an essential component of the democratic coalition. By doing so, the democratic political weight will increase, therefore, reduce the polarization currently witnessed in the democratic coalition.

Question B

My Uncle, Colonel Peter Davis, is a former soldier who served at the Vietnam War. He was born in 1930, and at the age of fourteen, joined the U.S. Merchant marine. This was the same period that teenagers were joining the armed forces. In his time at the forces, Davis learnt military skills that shaped his current philosophy and how he views the political conditions in the United States. He was assigned to several countries including Germany and South Korea in which he rose to the ranks of a commander which led to his recognition as a veteran officer.

Peter Davis holds the first ideological belief of the Republican Party that opposed the existence of slavery within various boundaries. Davis believes that God did not create anyone to be taken into slavery and work in limited conditions under his master. For instance, he opposes the Kansas-Nebraska Act which allowed their territories in promoting slavery. Davis uplifts the concepts of classical liberalism, paleoconservatism as well as progressivism. At a tender age of ten, Peter Davis loved the concept of separation of powers as well as its balancing for effective leadership to thrive. He highly disregards the notion held by the Roe v. Wade case of judicial activism, terming it as illegal.

Davis is a great supporter of the Republican political party. He supports the formation of free markets where nations can freely trade with each other. He further states that it is only through opening our borders to free market that we can be able to thrive and achieve economical prosperity. Davis believes in the appointment of judges who practice judicial restraints other than activist judges. As a member of the American force in Vietnam, Davis strongly supported the conservation of environment and advised against destroying the already existing natural resources.

My uncle is an Episcopal which was the first Church of the founding father of the nation. He believes that despite our religious differences, we are all meant to be co-creators in protecting the creation handed over to us by our first parents. Davis is a strong conservative who believes that abortion should never be allowed in the society. He holds human life in such esteem and opposes any candidate who goes against these beliefs. Davis is a great supporter of the laws as well beliefs that uplifts ethics in the society (Hetherington & Larson, 2009). My uncle participate actively in the elections primary of the Republican Party torch bearer and opposes any individual that goes against the teachings to protect life in supporting abortion.


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