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Free Custom «International Relationships» Essay Paper

Free Custom «International Relationships» Essay Paper

International relations (IR) which is precisely the study of the interactions or interrelations between countries involves the study of how state relate with one another, the study of the interactions between inter-governmental bodies (IGO) the study of how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) relate , the study of the relationships between international non-governmental organizations (INGOs)and the study of the multinational corporations (MNCs. It is in this regard that international relations is also popularly known as international studies. This field is both a public policy and an academic field of study which can either be positive or normative. It is through international relation that nations understand and participate in formation of their foreign policy. Indeed, the central theme of international Relations is not evil but tragedy. States often share common interest, but the structure of the situation prevents them from bringing about the mutually desired situation.

As country relate at the global level the share many objective, goals and aspirations. They seek to make their desire achievable through corporation with little success in most case. This is because almost every country in the world has it own opinion of how things should be done and every country as well has vested interests that drive them to these corporations. . For instance, the world today is plunged with the phenomenon global worming and climate change and as a results need to take stern action to save the globe. Unfortunately, while all these countries would desire to protect the glob by stopping the warming and the climate change, the existence of many theories concerning the phenomena and the taking if different position by government makes it difficult to come to a unanimous solution. Various nations may also snap the decision passed since they believe that the decisions will have negative effects on their national grown. A good example of this is the refusal be the U.S to ratify the Kyoto protocol the aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses emission. America simply refused to ratify it because it believes that the protocol is not health for its industries.

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Suspicion and mistrust also impairs that ability of the nations to develop collective polices and reach their collective aspiration. The political environment of the world is always polarized and counties are either rivals or allied to the rivals. This makes international relations very tragic. Sinister motive will always be read for the suggestions and opinion of either camp.

With this kind of inability to realize the goal that bring nation together, it would be wise to forget about the need for international relations. It is unnecessary if countries can agree but keep on competing for superiority and protecting themselves using polices weapons of mass destruction. Such development would not have taken place were it not for the force of international relations. Indeed, changes brought about by these relations have been responsible for rendering many nation-based public policies and business polices as well obsolete. The interactions of economies and political systems globally in addition to the ecological concerns for the globe are to blame. International relations is thus nothing other than a tragedy.

This situation however can be handled by these very nations that find it hard to trust one another yet pretend to be corporation their state organization, inter-governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations. It is important that nation should separate global interests from stat interests and find how to strike a balance between the two if the conflict. As countries conduct their activities globally, they should be sensate and appreciate the difference the have with each other political and economical. The nations should allow democracy to prevail

In sum the international relations is a noble field of academic study and global political development which has been tinted by the activities of national. Its theme has become that of a tragedy and it is upon the nations to change this.


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