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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was formed in 1920 succeeding the then National Civil liberties Bureau with its headquarters in New York and affiliates in other states. The union is a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve and ...
Authoritarianism has been associated with sadistic features and backwardness in development terms. Arguing from past experiences a good number of states which were considered authoritarian have not made much development economically. Most of the ...
Introduction Democracy is defined as a political from of government in which the power is derived from the people by consensus, direct referendum, or by means of elected representatives of the people. Also democracy is defined as a government by ...
In world politics, the “power” category becomes significant in the context of the effectiveness of international influences that have ambiguous consequences for this branch of politics as a whole. On the one hand, these influences ...
International relations (IR) which is precisely the study of the interactions or interrelations between countries involves the study of how state relate with one another, the study of the interactions between inter-governmental bodies (IGO) the ...
As theory, political theory must share features with theories of other phenomenon. It may even have some features in common with theories of the physical or the biological world. However, by virtue of being political theory, it must possess ...

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