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Free Custom «Public Corporation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Public Corporation» Essay Paper

Hilton Worldwide which was formally known as “Hilton Hotels Corporation” is an international company in the hospitality industry. This company is known globally as being the most excellent gaming as well as hospitality business organization. The company is owned by the “Blackstone Group”. Currently this company’s brands include more than three thousand six hundred hotels having more than a half a million rooms. It has its branches in 82 countries. This company is placed at position 36 on the list of the biggest private companies in the US by Forbes (Vincent, 2009).

Hilton Hotels Marketing Strategy

Hilton Hotel Corporation (Hilton Worldwide) has been rapidly acquiring leadership position “in the mid-priced segment of the hospitality industry having more than 100 Hilton Garden Inn properties opened” (Calif, 1998, Para 1). In the course of more than eighty years, this company has grown in to a company that has been able to balance between business offerings and leisure offerings, having a powerful property mix as well as marketing programs that have been aimed at all kinds of travelers. This company has taken on “a single-brand, multi-product line development and marketing strategy with commercial, international, convention, resort, gaming resort, airport, all-suite and mid-priced products” (Calif, 1998 Para 4).

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Basing on the product, each and every product line is build up to meet the market demand. As the expansion of the product lines is carried out, the focus of the company for new construction has been on the concept of “Hilton Garden Inn” in the whole of the United States, Mexico as well as Canada. According to Calif (1998)“with the Hilton Garden Inn as the cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy in the franchising division, Hilton virtually is defining the mid-priced category with a product that offers four-star lodging at a three-star price” (Para 9).

The Hilton Garden Inn hotels are aimed at serving the weekend vacationers as well as “work-week business travelers”, and provide high quality services as well as amenities at the rates that range from 75 dollars to 95 dollars per single night and these rates are dependent on the market. The customers are served in a gracious manner and are offered with rooms that are spacious enough and comfortable. The company has shown consistency in their commitment to improve their services in all its hotel systems. The company has been adding “first class properties in rebounding markets while either repositioning or terminating franchise agreements of hotels that do not meet the company’s standards” (Calif 1998, Para 11).

In regard to promotion, this company provides one of the most popular and respected brand name in the whole world and this is backed by an international sales force. The company has put in place strong marketing programs and among these programs we have the hotel industry’s “top-rated frequent guest-reward program which is Hilton Honor Worldwide” (Calif 1998, Para 12).

Hilton Hotels is a company that has been expanding rapidly on the world market, opening branches in various countries. This company has been putting marketing strategies in place that have enabled it to grow to a leadership position. However, the industry in which this company operates (hospitality industry) has great competition. A large number of companies are coming up to operate in this industry. Therefore, the Hilton Hotels Company need to work on its existing strategies to ensure it remains competitive in the market. The company needs to consider opening up more branches in more countries to widen its base. It should consider offering more services to the customers to ensure it remains ahead of the competitors. So far, the company has been doing well, but since the world is changing with each coming day, there is need to carry out necessary adjustments to march the new market needs that come up.


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